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July 2009 Desktops

Mark Manching

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woot second

AAO FINALLY got windows on it again with usb and anti-depression pills


My XPS 410


And windows 7 i decided to finally get into NOW WITH INTERNET


How come the eyeliner changes which eye it's on? Check the middle pictures.

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Damn. Love these threads. Always get me well motivated to change my desktop up.

Gotta admit, dr0p's desktops are ace.

Mine is looking a little bit cluttered just now. Thinking of changing my pypanel layout, aswell as conky so that it looks a little bit cleaner.


EDIT: Hahaha, this makes me look like the biggest noob ever. Look at my Shiretoko task name on pypanel :P . Yes, i forgot..


The more I look at my desktop, the more I realise that it's turning into Windows :o . Okay, Im cleaning it up today, definately.. Ive never even used that openbox menu launch far left of pypanel :blink:

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@dr0p: Lol. How so? I have heard some good things about zsh, but no specific reason why it's great.

EDIT: Nevermind. Installed both zsh and urxvt. Damn fine man. Loving the different themes in zsh - walters ftw :). Thanks dr0p for the suggestion. Anything else I should look into?

[pypanel, conky, xcompmgr, transset, urxvt]


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