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  1. Menthol, is f****** disgusting. I dont know how people can smoke that.
  2. The way a protest is perceived depends on the people who are taking audience to it. Some people might think is a stupid idea and will piss the government off more, and they will try enforce censorship even more. But at the same time, you have, what I assume to be the majority, of people who agree with the protest. Because you can clearly see a strong statement being made. And it will indeed gain much more publicity due to the, uhh, electronic nature of the protest.
  3. Marijuana be my smoke of choice. Lol I'm not a big fan of habitual tobacco smoking, unless its all natrual.
  4. I want to turn my Droid into a wireless access point. Me and my buddy were sitting in mcdonalds and he wanted internet on his ipod touch. I thought it would be cool if he could connect to a wireless access point on my Droid and get to the internet out through th 3G.
  5. I would like to use my Droid as a mobile access point. So that people can connect to my phone and go out over the 3G. How can I accomplish this?
  6. I recently went out and bought a Motorolla Droid and I was wondering what apps I should load it up with? I'm sure quite a few of you have an android phone, so what apps do you use? Also, does anyone know of an xmpp client?
  7. Creed is a good band. The are christian rock. But you would almost never know it. As for side hug. WTF?
  8. Either he is talking about security tube or that is big spam. But. uhh. I second the motion to have the option for OP to edit thread title.
  9. Acer Aspire One, mine is a D250. Has everything you are asking for. But get the one with the 6 cell battery for 6 hours of battery life.
  10. You cant connect out to a server? If this is the case then you could tunnel your ssh over http. That will work.
  11. Besides the part where it called me gay, thats hilarious.
  12. LMFAO! Nice. [EDIT] I revise my LMFAO statement for it isnt as funny 7 seconds later. xD
  13. Poke ;) But on a more productive note. I am 16 and I am going to college next year..uhh..I think... I have absolutely no plans for my future. I should take some advice from this thread as well.
  14. lmao. But its not just the Mayans that have predicted this.
  15. I lawled when I saw Darrens little Twilight peice on this weeks episode. But now it prompts the question on how many people here are fans of Twilight. 'Cause I am. :)
  16. Awesome, keep it up man. I am going to spread this series around as much as possible.
  17. Unless you cant use operating systems or repositories that arent approved by the man :)
  18. LMAO but, Anyone else beleive 2012 is REALLY the end of the world? Look at it and tell me theres not a good chance we are all doomed.
  19. If both machines are running different websites on port 80. You cant forward the port to both of them. So what you should do is put both websites on 1 server. Once both websites are on 1 server, Im going to assume you are using apache, Create a Virtualhost host for the different domains. Then forward port 80 to the webserver. so if you request blah.info it will send you to the webroot you set up for blah.info and if you request blah.com it will send you to the webroot you set up for blah.com
  20. You only want to use these domains on you LAN? If thats the case then you didnt even need to spend money, you could have just set up a DNS server for you to use on your LAN. If you wanted to be able to connect to services running on these machines from the internet then you just need to forward the proper ports in your router to the machines.
  21. Im connected to it via the console port. When it boots up, i cannot get into the IOS prompt to issue any commands. It just sits there and tells me. Translating "stipp.srv.hcvlny.cv.net"...domain server ( Translating "stipp.srv.hcvlny.cv.net"...domain server ( Over and over. I sniffed some packets and found out that is the nameserver its trying to look up that hostname on. Which doesnt make any sense. If I go to that URL in my web browser it brings me to some sort of login page, idk what its for. I just want this damn thing to factory defaults. When I hit the reset button, as soon as its about to drop me into the IOS prompt the device reboots and reloads the old configuration as if it doesnt want me using the factory defaults. It doesnt appear like there is much I can do without being able to issue any commands to it. :/
  22. I cant find an answer to this problem anywhere else, I hope someone in the Hak5 community can help. I have a Cisco 851 Router here, when it boots it just keeps throw me the error Translating "stipp.srv.hcvlny.cv.net"...domain server ( And there is NO shell at all, and the Reset button doesnt work. When I reset it I get to the command shell but it imediately reboots and does the same thing again. WhenI go to cv.net it redirects me to cablevisions website, My only explanation as of now is that a ISP has screwed with the firmware on here. Is there any way to flash the firmware without using the shell. Because right now the router is "useless". If i cant find any help my next stop is to set up a zone in my DNS server called stipp.srv.hcvlny.cv.net so it finds something. xD maybe then it will work.
  23. Thanks, Darkbluebox. you did help quite a bit. I just went and set up a new zone in bind and then I can add more A names to create subdomains under it.
  24. Havent been on the forums in a while but I was wondering if someone could help me out with this. I wanted to set up a TLD on my local network. I would prefer to use Bind in Ubuntu. But I already have a server 2003 box set up with the proper roles installed. Could anyone please direct me on how to go about creating a TLD for my local network? -Sebastian
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