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  1. There doesn't appear to be a way to delete my own account on this forum—could a moderator please do that for me? Thanks!
  3. yeah, its quite ill. I think it may be swine flu q_q
  4. 'tis the month of Phish :o
  5. pants123


    WEP cracking has a huge amount of online support, as its old news. Had you preformed a simple google search, you would find all the answers you were looking for without wasting too many people's time. Remember, google is your friend. Try using him more often.
  6. hahahahaha this thread is purty old. fyi its general forum etiquette not to post to dead threads. >_>
  7. BUT your cat is amazing. Too bad I have one now.
  8. Your mac isn't as smexy as mine is.
  9. Mac OSX 10.5.6 with geektool
  10. moderator, lock, now.
  11. Just punch the kid in the face. Maybe if you do it hard enough, he'll stop breaking network rules. But seriously, this is the network admin's prerogative. If he doesn't give a fuck that this guy is torrenting, you shouldn't either. He could easily stop him without resorting to anything malicious, and so if he does care he's a shitty admin.
  12. The problem with posting to an old thread is the fact that said thread then gets pushed to the top of the forum. That said, the thread had already been pushed to the top by... leetspeak here and I was informing him of his breach of tact. It doesn't help at all that you come in here and accuse me of the very thing I'm trying to fix. Maybe if 'other people' were more intelligent they'd read the time-stamp on the past before mine and see that they're the ones that brought this up. My post count? hahahahahaa. If I was trying to get my post count up, I'd probably be posting irrelevant comments to every old thread i found. *cough* *cough* Also, please end this here. I wouldn't want to raise my post count or anything by being involved in a huge argument.
  13. This thread started as retarded, and has descended into more of it. newbie, you're just that. And maybe even a noob. Please don't ask how to hack, because as you can see it makes you look like an idiot and annoys people. This thread has completely deviated from the original topic into even more stupidity. Stop posting to this damn thing. It only makes you look like idiots too. This should not be a hot topic people. Really.
  14. Why would you post to this thread? Its over a month old. Really people, be intelligent.
  15. The Hak5 rainbow tables will only work with rainbowcrack. Ophcrack only accepts the tables made by Objectif Séurité, the company that produces ophcrack. There are free tables for ophcrack here, and also some larger ones available for purchase. (The larger ones can be found on tpb) At http://www.freerainbowtables.com/ you'll find a program called rcracki that is an improved version of rainbowcrack that can crack NT hashes. The hak5 tables will not work with this application, but the site has an extensive collection of other tables in a different format to download. They have a giant collection, and their tables are more space efficient than the standard rainbow table. Make sure you site 'jjhappypants' for your project. :D
  16. I have no ads, so no. The big price is the retail value of the domain. Like if I sold it.
  17. http://www.websiteoutlook.com/www.jjhappypants.com dude, pwned.
  18. Hey, what's with all the double posting? Ever heard of the 'edit' button? (Hint: look at the bottom right corner of your post)
  19. Orange t-shirt. Black lettering.
  20. Woooo! Shameless plugging!!!!! I gotta jump on it! Follow me bitches!
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