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  1. I was thinking about something like that. I could put a fonera in line hosting a local copy of the ikat kiosk hacking website. I redirect all traffic internally, bypassing the need to go outside the firewall. Hmm. Right now IE blocks all file system access, got a couple other tricks to try.
  2. I wish it was that easy. He set up the policy so there is only Internet Explorer and custom program that doesn't allow user interaction. No Notepad, no paint, not even Microsoft help. The IP address trick doesn't work either.
  3. Came across a scenario that I'm testing out. I've set up a machine in my office to mimic a machine I came across in the wild. The machine is locked down with group policies. The user has access to Internet Explorer and a custom program. Trying to access the file system from IE is blocked. There is no run or anything else. Web surfing is possible but limited to a white list of sites. I've got a free dinner from a client if I can figure out a way to be able to a program. I can't reboot with live-CD though, that's cheating. Any ideas?
  4. CommView http://www.tamos.com/htmlhelp/commview/reconstruct.htm will do TCP reconstruction but it won't put it into video playback.
  5. beakmyn

    Old Nt Laptop

    Get a copy of the Plop Boot manager http://www.plop.at/en/bootmanager.html Put it on a floppy You'll then be able to select to boot USB Install Damn Small Linux or Puppy or similar, hope it finds the hardware.
  6. I just got this little RS dialer with a special red switch [/url] If you want to relive the old days grab phonal tonal for ipod/iphone
  7. All I can get is a 1994 Dodge Pedobear van
  8. Don't think you're the first one to come up with that idea. Pentesters do it all the time, talks have been given at Shmoocon on it. The human race is easiest way to break into a computer/network. There are 2 constants 1. Use the dock door it's always open 2. Ask the secretary, they know everything This attack was way beyond a switchblade. The switchblade is defeated by a simple guest account or turning auto-run off.
  9. If it's a linux box install lm_sensors and ssh to the machine and issue the command sensors
  10. The single port Openmesh routers are Accton, same company that makes the Fonera. Still haven't found anyone that re-sells Accton's 2-port model (Fonera+)
  11. Been there done that. @Digininja I showed it to you at Shmoocon. http://www.frontiernet.net/~beakmyn/Jasage...pt_Install.html
  12. Pretty but I still prefer Pfsense since it's got a larger support audience and a bit further along in development.
  13. Nothing exactly like it but might I suggest. The Conversation The Heist 3 Days of the Condor
  14. Gattaca The Heist Three days of the Condor Code Hunter - No really hacking is scrolling a word document in DOS and everyone knows Coolio is an uber.
  15. No. Netstumbler uses "Active Probing". If an AP has it's SSID set to non-broadcast it will not respond to the probe packet and Netstumbler won't see it. If you want to find Non broadcast AP you need to use Kismet. Kismet is a passive scanner and listens only. So, if an AP is not broadcasting Kismet will still see the data/traffic going in and out of it. It will capture the packets and extract the SSID from those packets. This only works if there is traffic on the hidden AP. Which there usually is. Netstumbler only works 100% with Orinoco PCMCIA cards. Anything else will most likely use the Windows NDIS driver which is severely limited in it's capabilities. The one thing that holds certain when using the NDIS driver is that the SNR graphs are bogus. NDIS doesn't support discrete SNR. Also, Netstumbler probably won't work with Windows 7 or Vista due to how the wireless is set up in those OSes. Marius is planning on releasing a new version of Netstumbler that will work under Vista and Win 7 but there is currently no track for when that release will happen. For now the best freeware that is Windows Vista/7 working is http://www.metageek.net/products/inssider
  16. http://www.frontiernet.net/~beakmyn/vpn%20...to%20Guide.html It's OpenVPN the interface is just different. I still use OpenVPN at home just inside Pfsense now.
  17. Wow someone actually met the recommended specifications for Windows 7. How well does it run Solitare?
  18. I had a similar issue with one of my Fon+ a few weeks ago. I could flash it (using fonflash), access reboot via the serial port. I could get internet through it but I could not access the web page. After flashing several different images I ended up doing a FULL flash/de-brick procedure through the serial interface via redboot manually.
  19. You asked two different quetions. 1. The tables ARE SSID specific. The SSID is used as the salt in the WPA hash. Which is why Renderman picked the top ## SSID to create tables. http://www.churchofwifi.org/Project_Display.asp?PID=90 2. The tables ARE NOT manufacturer specific.
  20. +1 for a floppy drive +1 for having a case badge
  21. I updated the refrigerator cabinet. Got rid of the old hardware and replaced it with 2 HP Proliant DL145 servers. Ran two new circuits from the main panel in the house to power it. Need to get a UPS for the servers still. Top box is the FreeNAS:SAMBA/RSYNC/secondary webserver Bottom Box is my Pfsense: Firewall/captive portal/VPN/ClamAV/Proxy/Webserver - LAN/WAN/WIFI all segregated on the 3 internal nics
  22. That's what I do. my 300K upload is ok for websurfing but not much else. I've got OpenVPN running on 1194 and 53 sometimes one will get through where the other won't ;). All my traffic goes through the VPN.
  23. The hex key is the key. WPA keys are generated by a passphrase and SSID (the salt) to create the 256bit hex key (hash) that is sent to the router. However, reversing the hex key back to the passphrase is going to take a very very long time to brute force. Not that it's needed as all you need is the hex key to connect to the router.
  24. openvpn does. Use the following directive in the server.conf push "redirect-gateway"; Here's a little writeup I did about it. http://www.frontiernet.net/~beakmyn/vpn%20...to%20Guide.html You may also need to modify you're firewall to allow the traffic. Also, keep in mind that your internet connection need will now be limited by how fast your upload is at the VPN server.
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