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  1. i think i'm going to use server 2008 because then i can use it as school project and i know a little bit more windows then linux :S
  2. and how do i get the ip i need to connect to is that just the ip you see at? http://www.whatismyip.com/
  3. Hi i want to set up a vpn server in server 2008 i have tried it several times but without succes. i want to use it for tunneling my internet connection from a hotspot to my home. but i tried a lot of tuts but none had succes. this is wath i think i need: 1 active directory 2 vpn and nat ( i only have 1 nic and i use sun vb) 3 user alowed to make connection 4 forward ports ??? ..... i really need some help with this ty very much
  4. Started up the openVPN AS server and everything, but i cant add users because im not in root. then when i want to log in with root, i dont know the password and nowhere to be found! please help me out (:
  5. hi finally i got my fon working and karma works but now i try to bridge my wifi connection to my nic so that the fon has internet and i'm in the middle but every time i try this ( with bridge connection or ICS ) in windows my internet connection fails, i'm connected but no internet access how should i handle this( i have a HP pavilion dv7 3090-ED) run windows and i have Sun VirtualBox ty for the help
  6. openvpn i will google it and see if i can find this
  7. hi i want to set up a VPN server on my pc home, with 3 users and then when i'm not home i want to log in to my VPN and get the internet connection from home is there a way to do this? and is there a way to encrypted the connection? ty for any help
  8. so i removed kmod-madwifi and now i get this? root@OpenWrt:/tmp# opkg install jasager-madwifi_1.ipk Installing kmod-madwifi ( to root... Collected errors: * ERROR: Cannot satisfy the following dependencies for kmod-madwifi: * kernel (= * root@OpenWrt:/tmp#
  9. Hi if you know Yourfreedom than you know how wander full it is if you be hind a firewall and can't connect to site you want to go to or you want to play some css then yourfreedom is the best solution i use yourfreedom with openvpn and i can use the connection(64 Kb) for 1 hour everything works just fine but i was wandering can i make my own :D so has somewan an idea how to make it? ty anyway
  10. i found out i have to use opkg instade of ipkg but now i get this root@OpenWrt:~# opkg install haserl-0.8.0-2-mips.ipk opkg: haserl-0.8.0-2-mips.ipk: No such file or directory An error ocurred, return value: 716563936. root@OpenWrt:~#
  11. so i'm at step 14 of the jasager wiki tut and i can't install webif this is what i did login as: root root@'s password: BusyBox v1.11.2 (2009-03-28 00:20:52 GMT) built-in shell (ash) Enter 'help' for a list of built-in commands. _______ ________ __ | |.-----.-----.-----.| | | |.----.| |_ | - || _ | -__| || | | || _|| _| |_______|| __|_____|__|__||________||__| |____| |__| W I R E L E S S F R E E D O M KAMIKAZE (8.09, unknown) ---------------------------- * 10 oz Vodka Shake well with ice and strain * 10 oz Triple sec mixture into 10 shot glasses. * 10 oz lime juice Salute! --------------------------------------------------- root@OpenWrt:~# ipkg install haserl_0.8.0-2_mips.ipk -ash: ipkg: not found root@OpenWrt:~# he can't find ipkg why not?
  12. yeah OPENWRT!! i flashed the fon with cross over cable and it worked, weird but yeah :D next step :D
  13. i'm going to make my own cable with that tut TY DiGiNiNJa -_- but i have to ask my dad to buy one i don't have credit card and i live in the Netherlands so i can only pay with iDeal And some good news to day i made a cross over cable at school all the connections work and this is the lay out so can i retry to flash the fon with this cable ?
  14. the flash didn't had any error's and don't have a serial cable so i need to find it somewhere can you give me specs or something ty Edit : i opened my fon and i found 4 pins for serial connect but where can i buy this serial adapter thing
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