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  1. I recently suffered from my laptop not being able to connect to the internet. I checked my firewall log, and found loads of DoS protection occuring, from different addresses from laptops around me, aswell as private 10.10.?.?. The log is costantly being filled up, and i suspect this had a DoS effect on me, aswell as other wireless devices connected to my router. Any advice on stopping this? Thanks, pritchard9
  2. Gah, not luck yet.. @digip: ohright.. I was hoping that I would be able to mimic the functionality of a hub or switch using DD-wrt. And now that i've got a working dd-wrt router, I'm a bit wary about spending any more money on an idea which seems to have totally fallen apart :(. On the other hand, I can also VPN into the university network without going through the KeyCom setup at all.. This gives me an idea in terms of using the router just for myself, instead of the original idea of setting it up for the flat.
  3. Again, thanks for the replies. Very much appreciated. Unfortunately, even with DD-WRT, i can only assign one machine into the DMZ, via their assigned IP. That's the most worrying part of this - i trust my flatmates, but not the friends that they bring round who might use their machines. This leads me to think that I should just use the router personally, unless I can get each computer who is running through the router an IP address which is recognised by the accomodations DHCP server, such that each computer must have a sign-in. Unfortunately, I'm at at University just now. However, I've just read how to set my DD-WRT router purely as an AP. I'll give this a go when I get home. Quick question though: this will give me less control over the wireless network, won't it? UPDATE!: I tried the router with everything DHCP-related disabled, aswell as the firewall and all of the services, and still no connection - I get a "limited connection", which I guess means I am connected to the router, but not to the internet. Any other possibilities? I feel like it's possible, but I just don't know how to do it, or where to even begin looking it up. As an FYI, we use KeyCom to get online from student accomodation. http://www.keycom.co.uk/index.php?p=keysurf&i=2
  4. My lack of knowledge when it comes to networking is really showing here :( AFAIK (which isn't very far at all, really..), #1 means that i've got to find a way for the router to request address from the school's DHCP server. Is that correct? Also, just for the record, I've just flashed DD-WRT onto the router successfully, and it's working beautifully. Just now the way I wanted it to..
  5. @digip: It seems that I can only DMZ one device at a time :( digip2: I wouldn't really know how to start though.. I'm not sure on the universities network topology, or whether that topology is similar or connected to the one in the student accomodation :s @Vako: LOL. Dominoes it is :) Ideas guy? :)
  6. Thanks for the speedy reply! I've just found that section just now. However, it's asking for a destination ID or a MAC address?
  7. I'm currently staying in student accomodation. However, internet access is wired only, with ports only in our bedrooms. I noticed that this made my flatmates and I quite unsociable, having to stay in our rooms in order to stay online. So I looked up the DD-WRT database and found a nice, cheap compatible router - the WRT160N. The router works fine with the stock firmware, so I'm not flashing just yet. However, the problem arises during logins. When you connect your machine to the ethernet port, and open up a browser, you get a login screen asking for a username and password. This is obviously so they can keep an eye on what we're looking at ;). I expected that when I plug in the wireless router and people connect, they would all have to individualy enter their username and passwords. However, everyone ends up logged into the first account that logs in. Can one of you clever folk tell me how I can set it up so that each wireless device need to log in individually? Thanks for your time, pritchard92
  8. @Hex: Well, that sure beats a 1.8Ghz Pentium M, 768MB DDR. Yep, you read it right. I'll be getting a new laptop soon though, heading off to uni after the summer. Looking for the right price/performance break (maybe an i3?). Also, I find XFCE more stable than OpenBox.. I had a few problems in OpenBox that haven't arisen since switching to XFCE.
  9. Hex man.. Arch. Xfce4.. WE'RE LIKE THE SAME PERSON! :o 'Sept, you have the horsepower to virtualise haha. Man, this machine is a heap of junk. Anyways, heres my desktop. Wallpaper is the same, because, well, this one makes me smile :).
  10. Kept it quite simple. Still trying to create a nice, unintrustive conky script I like. Wallpaper from deviantArt. Using lxpanel (pypanel kept flashing and flickering - not good. Shame - was my favourite panel too)
  11. Got it on Xbox 360. Mighty fine game. Especially online, really good. Great system in that the more people you play in a party with online, the better the loot. Encourages multiplayer, which is always good. Also, there are thousands of different guns. I read in an interview that they actually created a system that made all the guns for them. It would have taken all the developers in the world months and months to make them all. This makes every gun unique :)
  12. Awesome mate. That seems like a useful resource, thanks :). Anyone have any others?
  13. Im learning python for my Advanced Higher Computing project. However, it's all good and well reading a book and taking some notes, but I feel that I learn more when I put what I've learnt into real-world practice. I know there are plenty sites out that that have coding challenges and what-not. However, I'd rather not waste my time on some really rubbish sites before find the great ones. So far, I'm liking the look of Code Golf. http://codegolf.com/ Does anyone have any other that they have found to be useful? It doesn't just have to be challenges. Maybe some code examples, that would also be useful. Thanks.
  14. I've finally managed to hold down a decent job, which is a first since I'm still in school. I recently took an old computer off of a friend, and turned it into a nice little file and torrent server. However, it's been breaking alot recently - rebooting for no reason, I've had to wipe the HD and start again a few times, aswell as beeing really inefficient. So I'm looking at buying a cheap, always-on server. For power efficiency, I was looking at nettop to turn them into a server, when I saw this: http://www.cclonline.com/product-info.asp?...r_id=0&tid= IMO I think this is a good price. I know I could probably build one for cheaper, but the only computer I've built have been in much larger cases, and I'm not sure if I have the patience for fiddling about inside a Micro or Mini-ATX case. The only problem is, I want to transfer the Ralink wireless card in the old computer onto the new one I'll be buying. Problem is, I'm finding it hard searching out a pre-built Atom-equipped computer that has a PCI slot - I can see why, when you're wanting to slim the case down as much as possible, but it's a hassle. Anyone have any thoughts?
  15. I knew hak5 wouldn't do that. I just worried a little. +1 for the guides man! And LOL!
  16. I hope this doesn't include banning members who use free email services, like hotmail or gmail, as their primary email address. As ridiculous as this sounds, I have seen this being implimented on other forums. But I have faith in hak5 to make the right choice. :)
  17. Never mind. Hosing her down. Starting again, properly this time.
  18. I was removing an XP installation on my wee home server (OldBetty) using gParted's LiveCD. All the operations worked, and went smoothly. At the end though, gParted closed itself. When I opened it again, it could figured out my linux partition's FS. After half an hour of trying to get this to work without hosing her down, I'm stumped. I'm in my Arch Linux LiveCD right now. Here some outputs. fdisk -l Device Start End Blocks Id System /dev/hda2 17 11926 95667075 83 Linux When I use "fsck.ext3 /dev/hda2" and other variants, I get the "Bad Magic number in super-block" error. HELP!
  19. I was expecting to see some kind of pop-up on first boot asking to import setting and bookmarks, but it never came. Maybe it's hidden away in menus and such like, though I did have a look. Unfortunately, I can't check until tomorrow, maybe even till thursday. Thanks Sparda. I'm sorry if this is the case - didn't realise this was a feature of the portable firefox. Maybe I should think about googling more before posting.. Thanks anyway :)
  20. Yaaaas. Maan, that prostitute in Full Metal Jacket. "Me love you long time. Sucky sucky". That made me laugh so freaking hard. Okay, this conversation seems to have veeered off the road a little..
  21. Oh.. Lol. Think I diserve a face palm, in the nads right now.. I feel dumb.. Cheer miT for clearing that up for me. :)
  22. This is not a "I wanna hack my school" scenario. I just want to be able to use Firefox portable at school for a few reasons. One is that I can't stand internet explorer - it always seems to crash at the worst times. Another is that if I use portable Firefox, I can then set up SSH tunneling, IF I WANT. I know SSH tunneling is possible for me just now, but I'd like to just be able to use Firefox Portable without SSH tunneling just yet. So my school uses Windows XP on all computers, with Internet Explorer as the default browser. They must use some kind of proxy, since Firefox Portable doesn't work from-the-off. My question is, without the ability to access the "Internet Settings" or "Tools" option in Internet Explorer, how can I find out the proxy settings in order to use them with Firefox? Is there a way?
  23. Do windows games really run faster under linux? Wow. I didnt expect that. Id expect a performance hit due to emulation.. Wow, I'll have to check that out some time :)
  24. I did the "root ("<TAB> thing. The only options I get were for a floppy disk (fd0), or hd0. What do I add into device.map for my USB to be accessible?
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