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  1. Way ahead of you man.... What you are looking to do is create a load balanced linux cluster (beowulf cluster). The best part about a beowulf cluster is that you will not need them to identical at all (hardware wise). They just need a form of UNIX like freebsd or linux and create a cluster with ssh and openmpi. This is old technology but is still very much used in video rendering. With a combined beowulf cluster you will be able to run numbers and words faster.
  2. Nothing special just adding "Jasager" to your wireless profiles and make it the default. This way if you are connected to "Jasager" at starbucks you are wrong!
  3. it looks like it has an atheros chipset which means it can take jasager. You should be good. Your guide is on this site just look in the Jasager project topic.
  4. Click on Configure, and the Sniffer tab select the adapter with the IP address that has been assigned to your Wireless LAN adapter, then click on Apply.
  5. Sorry guys I forgot.... I will try to upload it to a rapidshare or some where like that.
  6. First of all... What a horrible place that they are using wireless networking. Wired will always bring in the best performance and best security. Your best bet is to set up a SSH tunnel. Every business with servers should have port 22 open for SSH access to their systems, so setting up a SSH tunnel will work out great for you.
  7. Can you share what exactly you get back from the Nirsoft tool. Maybe a screenshot.
  8. DBAN should but if you feel like use diskpart for windows or boot into Linux use the command line.
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