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  1. You guys need to understand that Jasager was written off OpenWRT so no it won't work off DDWRT. Its just what digininja picked it could have been DDWRT but he had a router with OpenWRT sitting around that he wrote the ruby code off. :)
  2. This was uncalled for. The fact that you didn't know your public IP changes in my book makes you unfit to call someone a noob. The reason dyndns is around is for this very purpose to let an app like dyndns updater keep track of your IP changes and you not have to worry about it.
  3. My name lopez1364 Favourite game: Earthbound, COD4 & COD5 Favourite OS: Windows XP and Ubuntu Favourite console: SNES and XBOX360 Nationality: Hispanic Sex: Male Age: 26 Height: 5'10" Status: Married Build: Muscular Favourite band: Modest Mouse Favourite book: The Da Vinci Code Favourite author: Dan Brown and John Grisham Favourite movie: A Few Good Men Other hobbies: Brazilian JiuJitsu, working out, hangin with my wife and son Car: 2007 Nissan Titan Occupation: Data Center System Administrator and Freelance Web Designer
  4. I've done! I've cracked my Fon+ using instructions from chris oliver's blog. They are more detailed than Rob's. Worked my first try. I will post either the blog or the directions if needed.
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