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What's your rig look like?


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Pics and details please!!


Macbook 3,1 - 2.2 Intel Core 2 duo - 4 gb RAM - 120 gb hdd, OS X, virtualize Ubuntu 8.10, BT3 and Win XP.

Dell Optliplex GX260 - 2.8 Pentium single core - 40 gb hdd - 1 gb ram - No OS - Plans: Ubuntu 8.10 server running as a virtual server.

Accessories - Acer AL2216w - 320 gb MyBook HDD - over 1 TB in various HDD sizes.

No pics yet just details.

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Toshiba Satellite A215 - AMD Turion 64 X2 Mobile Technology TL-52 1.60 GHz

2.00 GB ram

has Vista, XP, and Ubuntu 8.10

2nd laptop - Dell Inspiron 8200 with Opensuse and XP

Compaq Presario desktop with XP - free PC for testing/playing with

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Holy mary mother of chicken wings vector....Thats just wasteful :P

I have a custom made PC and an EEE PC 900

EEE PC 900:

Windows XP Pro SP2 on 4GB SSD (Data on 16GB SSD)

BT3 on 1GB SD


Thermaltake Armor Case w/25cm fan

Asus P5E3 Motherboard

Intel Q6600 Processor

ATI Radeon HD 3870X2 1GB RAM Graphics Card

Creative Soundblaster X-Fi Xtreme Gamer Sound Card

2x500GB HDD

2xDVD Rewriter

3.5" Bay

1200W PSU

22inch monitor

Logitech G15 Keyboard

Logitech MX Revolution Mouse

Windows Vista Home Premium SP1.

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Gaming rig

Q660 @ 2.4 Ghz


2 250 GB Western Digitals

1 160 GB Seagate


Acer Aspire One

3 Cell Battery

1.6 Ghz Atom


120 GB HDD


Laptop - HP Dv6636nr

AMD Turion X2 @ 1.8 Ghz


160 GB HDD

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ViewSonic 27" LCD

AMD Athlon64 3200+ @ 2.4GHz

nVidia 8800GTS Fatal1ty

MSI KN8 Neo4 Platinum

1x Corsair 4096-6400C4DHX (2GB) DDR2

Logitech Z-5500D THX Digital Speaker System

1x 500GB SATA

1x 400GB SATA

1x 250GB SATA

2x 200GB SATA

Vista Ultimate 64bit

ViewSonic 19" LCD + 32" Samsung LCD TV

Thermaltake Spedo Advance Package

2x 1Tb SATA

Intel E8500 @ ~3.16GHz

3x Corsair 4096-6400C4DHX (6GB total) DDR2

Gigabyte GA-P45-DQ6

EVGA GeForce GTX260 Core 216

Vista Ultimate 64bit

Lenovo IBM T60 15"

Intel Centrino Duo T2400 @ ~1.83GHz

2x 320GB SATA


Windows XP


Pics up later when I get home ^_^ .

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Main rig

AMD Athlon 4600+ 2.4GHz

MSI K9N Platinum

4GB Corsair XMS DDR2 800

eVGA Geforce 7950GT 512MB

Coolermaster Centurion 5 case



Samsung Lightscribe PATA Burner


Samsung 22"


Older crt monitor. 19" Flat screen


Older computers, one loaded with Kubuntu. The other one is soon to be Server computer.


Good ol macboy

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My Main desktop


AMD Phenom 9500 Quad Core 2.2ghz 4gig ram

Windows XP Pro, XP Pro 64-bit, Back Track 3(USB), Vista(vm'ed)

2X500gig SATA


19inch Widescreen monitor and second 15inch CRT

My Laptop


AMD Athlon64 2.2ghz 1gig ram

ATI Raedon 200-m GPU

15inch screen

Windows XP Media Center, Windows Server 2003(Vm'ed)

Old PC(Now the Wifes)


Intel Pentium-D (805) 2.6ghz 2gig ram

ATI Raedon 200 GPU

Windows XP Media Center 2005

200gig PATA HDD


Air Cooled 300mhz (I think Celeron, haven't opened the case in a while, wifes old PC)

Built in intel graphics

20gig PATA HDD

Old PC

AMD 800mhz Duron 1gig ram

ATI Rage 128 pro GPU

Windows 98se, Windows XP Pro

20gig and 4gig PATA HDD's

Old PC

AMD KII 450mhz 512 Meg Ram

Not sure the GPU, have to open it to look

Dead at the moment, needs new HDD and Power Supply

Old PC from my job

Intel PII (needs memory)

Built in Intel Graphics

Windows 98se

Not Sure the HDD Size, currently not being used for anything.

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here is some pics of my setup


and my aspire one a couple days after i took the first pic. i still need to do another photo shot with all 3 laptops and the dual monitors all in one shot.


Internet Explorer?

Explain please?

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Internet Explorer?

Explain please?

HAHAHA i know i know. well the desktop computer is running vista so i dont mess with it that much. i basically leave it stock. but thats why i have a macbook for so i dont have to worry about internet explorer. the macbook is my main computer i use most of the time.

and then the gateway laptop is my testing computer, or downloading computer. its older and i dont care if i have to format it once a week. i just use it to try things on..

but dont worry its loaded with google chrome and firefox. and for the acer aspire one. i havent really found much of a use for it yet. i just knew i had to get one though cause they look so awsome. but i might end up throwing a touch screen in it. or loading wireshark on it. we will have to see.

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Chris Pirillo? Really?.. Do you want me to murder you?

ohh god i knew i shouldnt have uploaded that pic with his website on there..

hay i get really board sometimes driving to and from work so when i dont have anymore hak5 episodes to watch on my ipod touch. then i watch chris.. ok well actually he is my last thing i will watch after i ran out of everything else. and most the time after 2 minutes of watching his podcast i switch to the next one cause he rambles on about lame crap..

so really i dont know why i signed up for his geek site. i just figured it sounded cool and the day i happend to take those pics was the day i signed up for his site..

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