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  1. Have you tried increasing the TX power of the WNIC on the Laptop? Just because there's a strong transmittance from the router doesn't mean the Laptop can transmit back. Also what's the resistance on the cabling between the router & antenna?
  2. Kinda like the popular VOIP service Skype? Which I believe is currently available as a iPhone application?
  3. Ask your ISP if they provide dynamically assigned IP address's or static ones.
  4. But the question is.. Are you going to be using the iTouch for that? Or do you just want to re-ensure your self that it's worth the ridiculous price?
  5. ... Open them and eat the chips inside!
  6. PLuNK


  7. Maybe a copy of /var/log/messages Not sure if Jasager has it's own log file though.
  8. Hello, I'm considering using ZoneMinder for a multi/co-house surveillance system. Price and minor expandability are the key points here, Currently the way I'm planning on doing this would be to have ~2 IP cameras in house 2 connected to a Linksys WRT54GL running any Linux based third party firmware, Which then would be bridged with the ZoneMinder system in house 1. Optionally there would be more IP based cameras attached to a separate subnet/network in house 1 to a ZM system. I'd like to hear suggestions & comments regarding this setup, Currently I'll need some ideas for Linux compatible IP cameras and what not. Thanks.
  9. iptables? You could limit certain ports depending on the IP address, Also having different subnets per department would help.
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