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  1. When I said free I meant that after the data plan and your basic phone service would be free.So like 40 bucks for unlimited calling on a big network. Also who cares if the phone is jailbroken this is a hak not a application that I am trying to sell. So the little problem of running an application in the background on a jailbroken phone shouldn't be to hard. I dont have the know how but from what I see from a lot of the haks out there this should be pretty easy. Again thanks for your comments and hope to hear from someone who dont believe in cant.
  2. Not really!! Since what I read about on it you have to have a program downloaded on your computer. Then it charges your skype account for the call to your phone which makes it pointless. Why would you want to place a call over skype to your own phone to call someone. If I understood it wrong feel free to explain. http://blog.tmcnet.com/blog/tom-keating/sk...e-on-iphone.asp
  3. I have an idea for an iphone application kinda like an instant messenger. Where you enable the microphone to voice over the chat kinda like voicing over aim. Could even use aim or yahoo meebo etc. Since when you get an iphone you already have an unlimited data plan but not phone plan. If its possible which I don't see why not. Why not take it a step further and forward your cell to an online number. Which from what I see its free for incoming calls. Then have a program open a messenger session and beep you. Free and unlimited cell phone usage. Let me know what you guys think.
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