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  1. IC3

    Iphone help

    hey everyone! so i unlocked and jail broke my iphone yesterday. got crackulous and installous (which i highly recommend)! so i was looking through the networking category in cydia and came across nmap. also metaplosit framework is in it also. but it says telesphoro. does anyone know how to work and use this? this could be a huge step in mobile hacking. cheers, IC3
  2. hey everyone! recently i have been working on some U3 hacks. i have completed a test one and i am having trouble getting it on the U3. I have googled it, but i cant find anything that has worked. my comp is messed up:-( Any suggestions or ideas? cheers, IC3
  3. hey everyone! lately i have been working a lot with c and etc... but, i haven found many good compilers. so, what is your favorite compiler? this goes for any os! cheers, IC3 p.s. add on- also if you want to i am wondering what your favorite language is?
  4. IC3

    Norton Security

    Hey everyone! lately my new project is bypassing Norton security. My friend gave me his old computer with Norton security settings hit parents had set for him. My goal is to get full access to the computer, but my only problem is that the cmd prompt is limited and very limited programs are usable. I have been trying to find the administrator password, but it wont let me use any programs. Any help or bypass would be greatly appreciated because i am very frustrated... Cheers, IC3 p.s. i know this sounds easy, but i am so limited with programs i cant bypass my way around it without the computer crashing.
  5. IC3

    New Laptop?

    thanks so much nullray! i appreciate all wat uve said! cheers, IC3
  6. IC3

    New Laptop?

    i have recently heard some things about macbooks being able to run everything. i am still extremely nervous and confused. extreme assistance is needed please. cheers, IC3
  7. IC3

    New Laptop?

    yes 2g of ram. i am thinking about getting mac, but some of the tools i use i am not sure if they will go wit mac and some dont. the thinkpads look really great. i guess my main worries of speed and memory. i make sure things are safe, so i feel this wont be a big problem. i just want to make sure this computer is worth it. i am really fretting over this and would love every oponion or point of view or anything that can help me. if you recommend a computer i would appreciate it if you could tell me the name and wat OS it runs. cheers, IC3
  8. IC3

    New Laptop?

    hey everyone! i still cant decide on a good laptop to buy. i was checking out some macs today and found myself pondering on how much they were and if i was getting my moneys worth. i have been browsing the forum and someone suggested a thinkpad. the w series looks great but is mad expensive. the computer i have right now ran out of space in a year and a half and i have had to deal with it for 4 years (this will be my 5). it is time for an upgrade, but i just want to make a good decision. is 2g enough? and good suggestions for someone who would rather run xp than vista, likes to program and hack, very rarely watch movies, no gaming (for now), and something fast. i dont care if it is big and heavy, i workout! if it satisfys me greatly i wont mind a bit, but i dont want a piece of crap computer weighing me down. Please i really need help on this and fast because i need to get it before a certain period. cheers, IC3 p.s. thanx in advance, i know this is a lot of writing!
  9. what is airbase? cheers, IC3
  10. Is there a way to add space or "slim" tcdump? Cheers, IC3
  11. why dont you guys wire as many battery packs as you want (i think 2 would do the trick for extreme amounts of time). after wiring as many battery packs as you want get them on a small circut with a plug then you can run high powered things for longer! i have seen this done and it is very useful. Cheers, IC3
  12. hi everyone! i am thinking about setting up my pineapple for specific reasons, but i was wondering a couple things. how many people have set it up and actually gone to places and used it? Do you find it as convenient as it looked on the episode? Have you used hamster and feret? and lastly do you just sit there for hours waiting for anything interesting or it depends? Cheers, IC3
  13. IC3

    How to hack DS

    hey everyone! i was wondering if there are any tutorials on how to hack the DS? and what did snubs and darren do to their DS? Any info will help! Cheers, IC3
  14. hi everyone! i was wondering if anyone had knowledge on how to make a iphone work as the pineapple? is this possible? if anyone is willing to work with me or make this a community project i am willing to put forth time! If anyone has any ideas like this or around the same thing i would love to hear them. REMEMBER MORE INFO AND IDEAS CAN ONLY HELP! Cheers, IC3 HAPPY NEW YEAR
  15. IC3


    thanks so much! if anyone else has any points of views or thoughts to contribute please do they can only help! cheers, IC3
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