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  1. i have been using open dns for years and love it. QoS is on my router never set it before because i well forgot about it. and didnt need to with fios. gonna change some settings around with that. i do use utorrent. need to try and fool around with the upload streams now and see if that will fix the issue. gonna be some fun trial and error for a little while. Thanks for the ideas.
  2. side topic i found this while still searching that explains whats going on with the traffic but doesnt give any form of a fix. but what i dont get is why it does this on comcast and did not do it on fios. granted i understand both use a completely different technology to provide me with access to the internet i didnt expect it to be this great of a difference. or why this same thing mentioned in the post i am linking to does not cause the same effect on fios George Ou
  3. this is interesting i have not heard this. granted i also dont know what would be considered peak time, i'm usually on my computer from about midnight till 4-5am you have to love working retail durring the holiday season. and i also have not downloaded anything on steam since i got orange box when it came out.
  4. Ok i recently moved into a new apartment and got set up with comcast. in the apartment are myself and my room mate. i am the only one that torrents but when i do it kills the entire network. takes about 20 seconds for google to load on any machine in the apartment. and in CS:S i cant get a ping lower than 200 most of the time and when not torrenting i get a ping of about 30 now before you say its my router i was on verizon fios 30mb/15mb and it flew and in that apartment there were 6 of us that torrented on a regular basis. however fois isnt available in my area. anyway back on topic. so now with comcast i have their fastest in the richmond area which is 16mb/2mb (which i am told is going to be going up soon.) and anytime i start torrenting nothing else wants to go fast on my network. this is really annoying. i have been googling this for about a month now and every post i find is saying to change your routers firmware to dd-wrt. i am using a d-link 655. i have also changed the port which utorrent connects through. i have also tried different torrent clients. anyone have this same issue with comcast or any ideas for a work around. any help would be a great help. also forgot to mention i tried port forwarding on my router and that didnt help either.
  5. i was recently informed about a windows PE which i am going to try that should allow me to get into my hard drives from essentially a windows live cd just a random thing i thought i would throw out there.
  6. i was hoping that wasnt the case oh well. guess that computers out of commission till i can afford another drive. thanks for the help you all.
  7. from what i am reading spinrite is used to fix errors in data or recover lost data but i cant seem to find a way to get it to change the location of the data. what i need to do is get it onto my external drive. im trying to use the install another drive as a last resort.
  8. i have tried the live disk to view the files and i cannot mount the drive. looking into spinrite and i have a friend that works for geek squad coming with their boot disk later which is a vista live cd so im hoping either that or spinrite will work.
  9. Ok so let me start by saying its my stupidity that got me to this point. i was using a non legit copy of vista and now it wont boot... go figure anyway now onto my issue. i really need to get the files off the computer and normally i would just throw the drive into my external enclosure and pull what i need off of it. however for this unfortunate time i am running raid 0 so that is where i am at and am wondering if anyone has any ideas as to how to get my photos and music off that computer. been watching the show since 1x05 and really enjoy the show and have been lurking in the forums for a while and am just hoping to get some help. side note i have decided to install fedora once i get my files off of it.
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