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  1. I had the same firmware version,I tried a lot of different guides before i got it working Chris Oliver’s Blog on unlonk the fon + was the one that eventually worked for me: openwrt-and-jasager-on-the-fon-plus maybe try this one first but I'd say it probably goes through telnet too: Fon + unlock I even tried the J-tag way which i don't think i need to do, as i got it working on my friends fon+ by just following Chris Oliver’s Blog
  2. I had a similar problem, after a bit of googling I found it was a bug. The messy fix for it is to wipe the history of what packages are installed and then use -nodeps flag with ipkg for installing webif. rm /usr/lib/ipkg/status ipkg install -nodeps webif_0.3-10_mips.ipk You'll need to use the -nodeps for some other packages too, there is probably a better way to fix it . I'm not really a linux person. Buts it quick and works , for me anyways.
  3. \o/ finally got it working The fixed to the md5 thing was in the blog guide: should have rtfm >_> Thanks for your help digininja I got the following when installing jasager but i dont think it effected anything:
  4. Well I'm trying this again, this time following Chris Oliver's blog and using gargoyle But I'm stuck with the mad wifi drivers again. I get the following when i try and install the package I have tried ipkg update it didnt do any good :( anyone got any indeas ? LOL ignore about i should learn to RTFM :P
  5. I think I found the problem. I get the following when trying to reinstall the mad wifi package my Kernel is , don't know how it successfully installed the first time
  6. Okies thanks for the reply, it seems i did something wrong alright i cant find your name in the output of dmesg. I get the following when i try and re install the mad wifi drivers I'm using 2.6 OpenWrt hence the opkg. i get the following with karma_cli iwpriv karma 1 returns: PLuNK no logs there the var directory is linked to /tmp
  7. I have got Jasager up and running on my fon+ (2201) after much suffering and misery lol :P The problem I'm having now is that i can't get Karma to start up using the Jasager web page it keeps returning "Karma has been taken down" I follow a few guides and chopped and changed between a few , so i probably have forgotten some thing somewhere along the line. Any help would be great, btw is there a command to start it manually ?
  8. By the way how hard is it to get a drivers license in Canada ? I have a full Irish one but not sure If I can get away with that ?
  9. Hehe snow would be cool Haven't seen that in years in Ireland :P We do get plenty of rain though :) Ya I was think of Toronto all right silentknight329 I was thinking of a fast paced environment I think.
  10. Hey all I have been plotting a move to Canada for a while. So I decided I better get off my ass find out some info about the place :) So if anyone could help me out some with some info I would appreciate it. Stuff like whats a good city to go to over there , whats it like for IT type work etc
  11. I like XP, I run it on my desktop I see no reason to run vista really. I have vista on my laptop though because it came with it and I'm too lazy to reinstall it >_>
  12. I have an Asus G1 it's pretty solid never had any trouble with it. I do like Sony though my last one went pop though so not sure sure on how stable they are.
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