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  1. mR.xx


    can add app TightVNC and install silent this info about that tightvnc.com/download.php Good luck! :)
  2. mR.xx


    thanx for tut , but can put file PyBlade on partition "CDFS" and save log on Another Partition , I thing that best because if put file on CDFS cant delete file and the antivirus not scan and give me some explain about payloads file emo.exe,ftp_exec.exe etc.. what can I do for that
  3. can test on my phone htc hd2 plz tell me how to ?
  4. thank you alot phen1x13 relay working now I'm writing from bt4 final
  5. Thanx but the link die can upload again
  6. Yes problem formatting the unused space how to fix that ? I told original size 16GB another problem after try use UNIVERSAL CUSTOMIZER success put backtrack 4 on part cdfs but if boot form usb not boot any thing Yes if use U3 Removal Tool give me original size 16GB but not boot from flash any suggestion for that
  7. Tanks , test that methode sucss but my flash became now size 2 Gb flash drive another partsion 1 GB orginel 16 GB and test boot flash not working any update tool's for u3 16 GB
  8. I have usb u3 16 GB , I launch LPinstaller.exe and after finish put my file Iso size 1 GB but give me error THis file Iso for backtrack 4 I wanna put This on CD drive USb
  9. ok , thank you but where the link don't forgot add "VNC"
  10. mR.xx

    usb hack...

    nice modify but why launch2.EXE detected by antivirus ? winvnc.exe i'm download form web site UltraVNC_1.0.6.4 not detected by antivirus can give me file .SED plz I wanna put all file by my self ;)
  11. but how do it this use batch file ms-dos what command ? because I wanna run this from usb flash auto
  12. look this command is work on sp2 any idea
  13. can tell me if can skip firewall windows
  14. hello I have vnc remotely if install on windows xp sp2 port open but windows xp sp3 port filtered I can't connection look pic any suggestion
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