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  1. No. The track 2 information also requires a PVN (pin verification number), CVV, and several dummy digits. The only way to really clone a card is to get a track 2 reader on ebay (25-40 bucks) and copy and paste what you read off the card.
  2. rsdbaby

    Linux Help

    Hey I need help programming a Linux based computer to run tcpdump automatically. This has been frustrating me for some time and I would be willing to pay someone 100 bucks to program a thumb drive with both Linux and all the scripts for me.
  3. rsdbaby


    That exactly what I was looking for! Thanks bro.
  4. rsdbaby


    Does anyone know of a program that will decrypt 3DES and DES data. I have the keys but I cant find a program that will decrypt the data. Ive tried to download several different programs but they all turn out to be trojans. Thanks
  5. Well I would pay very nicely for someone to compile the programs for me.
  6. Im not very good at writing programs, I would however be willing to pay very handsomely for someone to write the program for me.
  7. So if I were to purchase a gumstix and install tcpdump on an SD card then all I would have to do is plug in the ethernet cable and it would log the traffic?
  8. haha. Just double checking. How could I go about install tcpdump on the micro computer and setting it up to run automatically.
  9. If I did the above configuration it would be undectable right?
  10. Oh and another question. Rather than a passive network tap would an ethernet splitter work?
  11. How do you connect the gumstix to the ethernet connection? And how would I go about installing tcpdumb on the gumstix? I really appreciate your help, this is exactly what I was looking for.
  12. Ah... so theres no way that it could be used as a regular flash drive?
  13. Yeah, but if I installed the program on it then it would be programmed to log the data instead of log keys, right?
  14. If I were to buy I 2gb logger and install wireshark would it be feasible?
  15. Sorry if it seems like Im asking too many questions, Im just fairly new at this.
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