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  1. Hi All, just wondering if anybody has any advice for a quick uptime test tool that I'm writing, that I want to integrate into our company Intranet here - We have Windows systems primarily, but I will setup Ubuntu in a VM if I really have to. The most important thing here is speed, as there's at least 100 switches and about 20 servers and I need the monitor to continue, and run once a minute or so. I've used some examples from the PHP.net pages and tried to cobble something together as I'm definitely no PHP pro Anyway, I have tried the following PHP code: <html> <head&
  2. I am an IT person here lol!!! It's just all of our network traffic goes through national proxy / router etc, and I just know the basics of TCP/IP to get me by. I have no qualifications at all and am self taught in most of the stuff I know. I suppose I'll need to learn a bit about routing or forget it. To be honest I'm not that bothered about facebook but it would be nice to be able to get to http://www.nirsoft.net/ for example, which is blocked here under the Category "Hacking", which is strange besause the site has very little to do with 'hacking' and here I am on Hak5 forums no problem lol.
  3. Howdy all, as usual I failed with my google searching on this and I've come to the experts to ask for help. They've blocked facebook as well as my own domain here where I work and I may have a solution: We have a wired network setup here on Active Directory etc - 10.175.x.x and I just hooked up a Wireless AP which is on a DSL setup - 192.168.1.x and I can connect to the AP over wifi with my iPod touch and know it's working but I also would like to be able to route some stuff from my Win7 PC here over wifi (I have a USB 802.11g adapter) and I'm not sure how
  4. nice! I'm only seeing these replies now. Thanks v much. will try that proxifier tomorrow when I'm back at work
  5. Just to go back to an earlier point about using Qemu to create your VMs and then use VMware player, there's also VMX builder ( http://vmxbuilder.com/ ), which is a quick and handy way to create VMs also, And Virtualbox has all the main features of VMware workstation too but I'm not too sure if it's as quick as VMware so that was my main question, I presume that Virtual PC is the slowest of the three anyhow ?
  6. Hi all, Seems I'm always in here asking questions, but somebody may have tried this already and have an idea which one is fastest. So what I'm asking is this: I don't have a BIOS that supports hardware virtualisation, even though my CPU does support it. So for a while I thought I was SOL with regards XP mode, but then I realised that I could install my old copy of XP in Virtualbox and run it seamlessly, which is great, but it's not as if I can have an "Internet Explorer 6" shortcut that runs just that program, so I'd like to get a proper XP mode going. Then I found out a few weeks ago
  7. Hi all, I work in Windows Admin and unfortunately we have a proxy server (with authentication) here for internet. I was wondering if there's a way that I can force applications that need web access to use this proxy - as you know most apps have configuration / settings that you can edit in order to use the proxy - but some don't and here's my problem. Does anybody know a way to create like a virtual router that routes all internet traffic from one or all applications over a proxy?? I hope I make sense.
  8. Hi BlueWyvern, I understand the benefits of VM technology, I really do. However, we just can't afford a server good enough. We have about 20 or so physical servers ranging from Dual PIII servers to the latest Xeons but the more beefy servers that we have are already seriously overworked with 50 Citrix users a piece. Also there's just a general lack of I.T. Knowledge across my department nationally. They tend to stick with what they know... and buy a new server for every new app that comes in (I know!! - it's crazy!!!!) - I just can't change the way they do things. I'm almost like an intern h
  9. ahah! Modifying existing DHCP to work with FOG http://www.fogproject.org/wiki/index.php?t...erGuide#Windows This might do the trick!
  10. Thanks BlueWyvern! There's a lot of great info there for me. I know a bit about VMs myself but to be honest I'm in an I.T. office with 5 other people and their knowledge is, lets just say "limited" so I'll be keeping all our servers physical for the moment. (they're not great spec servers anyhow and have trouble coping with the amount of Citrix users we have). That FOG project sounds interesting (taking a look now) - but if it uses DHCP that's not good as we already have many DHCP servers on our network / WAN that synchronise and I don't want to interfere with their operation. (if it can be se
  11. Good plan - Will do. It would be nice to find a network version of this though, it would save a lot of hassle over the next couple of years.
  12. Hmmmm... I half remember that now but I'm not sure if my boss will go for the VM option (she doesn't understand VMs lol)
  13. I have done on several occasions over the last 5 years. At the moment, with a global recession (and me living in the most corrupt country in the world ) - it's just not an option. :-(
  14. Hi all, I'm back asking questions again. I'll keep this simple. We have a load of Windows Server 2003 installations here on HP Servers. Some fool setup the C drive partitions with only 10GB!!!!!! so as you can guess they're running out of space. My Plan is to re-partition on the fly using one of the following as we don't have time for a full reinstall (we're not allowed enough downtime by our managers): EASEUS Partition Master Server Edition http://www.partition-tool.com/ or Acronis Disk Director Suite http://www.acronis.com/homecomputing/produ...rtitioning.html or simila
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