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  1. @dr0p Where did you get that wallpaper from? I Love it! Cheers
  2. Siv

    May Desktops

    @dr0p: Sweet wallpaper you've got there! Link? :P
  3. Siv

    May Desktops

    MacBook Pro: eeePC 1000H:
  4. Siv

    Looking for a NAS

    Thanks for the suggestions everyone. I Decided to build my own. Looks like FreeNAS 0.7 supports ZFS now which is friggin sweet.
  5. Requirements: - 2 Gigabit Ethernet Ports - Embedded system should be running Linux or any BSD variation Any recommendations?
  6. Damn April already, can't believe how fast time flies by... ... anyway, here goes the wallpaper for April.
  7. I really love the simplicity of your desktops Dr0p. Would it be possible for you to list all the stuff you use?. ( What launch Panel, CPU Monitor, etc...)
  8. Just found this page on the web and I thought I share it with you guys. (Attention, very long read...)
  9. My workplace. I used to change it about once a month, but I'm quite satisfied with the current one.
  10. May I ask what window manager you are using?
  11. My favorite Band: Archive I'm not sure if they're known in the States. It's a UK Band signed to Warner Music (france). Other than that I'm listening mostly to Indie / Alternative Rock.
  12. Very nice Wall, and a fellow OmniFocus user I see! Building up anticipation for the new OS X Cat.
  13. Nice, was just looking for something like that. Thanks taiyed14
  14. Awesome wall! May I ask where you've got that from?
  15. Server: Workspace: Phoney with USB Switchblade
  16. Your comment isn't helping him in any way. Back to the problem: Could you upload your CrashReporter log. It can be found under /Users/$USER/Library/Logs/CrashReporter/Adobe_*currentdate*_$HOSTNAME.crash May I also ask what partitioning scheme you're using? ( Journaled / CaseSensitive / ... ) regards Siv
  17. Brainfuck... Just kidding! I think the simplest language for anyone to pick up would be Applescript. But that's just my opinion. I still prefer Ruby though. :P
  18. Hey there Guys, I've been watching your show since episode one, never made it through the forum registration process though... My name is Rod aka Siv Favourite game: Every LoZ game Favourite OS: OS X and any flavor of BSD Favourite console: SNES Nationality: Swiss / Brazilian Accent: Basler Dialäkt (hf figuring out how that sounds) Sex: Male Age: Last time I've checked it was 21 Race: White european? Height: 180cm Status: Single Build: Default Favourite band: Archive ( What you've never heard of them???? ) Favourite book: Any geek book Favourite author: Amith Singh Favourite movie: Lock, Stock & two smoking barrels Favourite TV Show: Scrubs Favourite actor: Steve Carell Favourite actress: Anne Hathaway Other hobbies: Cooking / Music / Drinking / watching Anime Car: Mercedes SLK Occupation: Programmer / Office bitch -for -everything
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