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  1. Fun game, but its a pain with friends trying to get everyone into the same server. I wish EA added a server list.
  2. Conor_M


    Cool, Nice work, I will deffinetley try these out, I tried out the keylogger and I cannot seem to find winsysfile.dll anywhere, can you enlighten me on where the logger saves it to?
  3. As far as I know, there are none, at least none that I personally notice. I own one and I run Ubuntu on it. The only thing is, once you get Ubuntu on it, your wireless card will not be detected by default, but it is quite easy to install the driver, you are looking for the ath5k driver I believe.
  4. FiOS (Advertised) 20 MB/s Upload 20 MB/s Download
  5. Hey everyone. I'm trying to accomplish setting up a cross-platform backup server (http://lifehacker.com/362062/create-your-own-cross+platform-backup-server) with Restore. I have tried installing via the live CD but on one of my machines I received a "Failed to create ext3 partition" (yes, I set the mount point correctly when I made the partition manually) but when I tried to use the 'Guided, use entire disk' option I received the Failed to create ext3 partition error again. The guide on Lifehacker mentions that you can install the restore packages on top of an existing Ubuntu install, but the link to the supposed packages are broken. I cannot find a mirror for the life of me, I was wondering if there was a small chance someone here knew where a mirror would be.
  6. I put Ubuntu 8.10 on mine, Runs like a charm.
  7. It's crap as in high-crime in Queens and its surrounding area, not as much in the Manhattan.
  8. Watch out for the sketchy electronic stores as they tend not to be too 'high quality'. Deffinetley stop by ground zero. Dress warm. The Ellis Island ferry is quite cold if you are on the sundeck.
  9. Jinx already produces T-shirts, I'm not sure if they do anything else. I think Hak5 has a contract with them or something, so they can't really change manufacturers if they are limited by selection.
  10. ------------------ Gaming rig Q660 @ 2.4 Ghz 2 GB RAM 2 250 GB Western Digitals 1 160 GB Seagate ---------------------- Acer Aspire One 3 Cell Battery 1.6 Ghz Atom 1 GB RAM 120 GB HDD --------------------- Laptop - HP Dv6636nr AMD Turion X2 @ 1.8 Ghz 2 GB RAM 160 GB HDD
  11. I tunnel all of my traffic through SSH, Works fine for me :)
  12. Heheh, Awesome indeed, Thanks for recording it.
  13. Conor_M


    I love my 8830, I personally use iSkoot and Keepass to name the third party apps.
  14. IMO, this is a good idea. I'd love to have an abundant supply of how to(s) from the community.
  15. Well, I am on the fence. The AOO is more price appealing to me, and I need something that can support Wifi injection via airpwn, which is most intriguing to me. If the eee supports this out of the box and the AOO doesn't, I'll be getting the eee. Airpwn is one of the features I wanted to try out, but Jasager (or was it karma?) on the AOO (Or the eee, I need functionality) would be great as well. Anyone have experience with this on the AOO And or EEE? I see.. Well, thank you for your insight, I'll keep this in mind when I do make my decision. It sounds like the eee has more wireless pen-testing ability than the AOO so far. Thanks snakey.
  16. Hey everyone, Yes, I did search, Yes I think you are tired of hearing about the netbook topics by now, but I cannot seem to find the answer to this on my own, and hopefully this can help others as well. 1. I remember Darren mentioning something about Jasager's creator getting Jasager (or karma..?) going on the eee. Has this been achieved with the Aspire One? 2. I know the aircrack suite works with the Aspire One and the eee. BT3 has no issues on the Aspire One or the eee, correct? Thanks everyone.
  17. Laptop + Charger iPod Blackberry + Charger 7' Ethernet Cable CD Case (Live CDs) Flash drives Planned: Aspire One Alfa Wifi card External Antenna Whatever else I can think of.
  18. Remember to enable the console (ie the ~ key) under Options (Escape > Options > Keyboard > Advanced > Enable Developer Cosnole
  19. Yes, Jasager would clone it, and it would have her connect to it automatically, but I don't think Jasager would broadcast her home network as a network to anyone else trying to find a WLAN (Ex: If she was a victim of Jasager and her home network has an ssid of 'linksys', then I don't believe that anyone that would be looking for a network 'manually' would see linksys as a legit AP. Right, by disabling zero config, she'd need to manually find the SSID and connect.
  20. As far as I know, Correct me if I am wrong, but Jasager does not broadcast any of the SSIDs unless you are looking for it (ie it will not create a decoy SSID that you can see via browsing for WLANs. (Such as FakeAP)
  21. Excellent work, Mubix, Thanks! I will deffinetley use these apps.
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