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  1. I use Intel processors in all my builds (every, single, one, ever). But thats because over time, Intels get worse, slower... But if performance (in all aspects) were the same, then, because AMDs are cheaper, I would obviously go for them :P .
  2. I don't think I'm quite understanding you, is the problem that your Flash Drive now is only 2GB in size for the single partition that exists? or that their is a partition on it that is of 2GB, and your flash drive has a remaining, unused 14GB? Because the second problem can be fixed by formatting the unused space, whereas the first issue is fixed by partitioning your flash drive in a format that doesn't not have a limited size (Is it FAT that is limited? I cannot remember).
  3. I don't think thats really the outlook you should be taking (but by all means take it, it just means nothing gets done :) ). This project is easily achievable with some coding help from the community, if I remember correctly, it was arduino controlled, so its just some fairly simple arduino calls, a netbook, and a lamp server. With some simple php code you could even set up event queuing and stuff. We won't be able to do the hardware asepect, but we can nudge them in the right path this way :P
  4. g-ram: I use all stock fans with my computer (it was a monster on a budget xD ), and, if the room it was in was completely silent, you would be able to tell when its on or off. Definitely. But the room I am in has all the other computers in it and a really old, and loud network switch. So, by comparison its quite quiet. But, it does cool quite well... if I hadn't taken out the fans on the top to fit in the PSU, it would be even better (better flow, sucking in and blowing out in two directions).
  5. Okay, quick way to identify it: If the tray cover is matte white, and the case is matte white, you have the Arcade version. If you it has a chrome tray cover and is matte white, it is a Pro. If it is black and has a chrome disc tray, it is an Elite. On the off chance that it is a relic of an xbox and it is infact a Core, it looks exactly like an Arcade, but it comes with a wired controller instead of a wireless and it comes with absolutely no internal storage (whereas the arcade comes with 256MB memory). That should cover all the 360 Models.
  6. webjockey

    Quake Live

    I actually have yet to meet a hacker in this game, but then there are a bunch of people who shifted from q3a to this.
  7. I think I just deleted the contentSansFooter class from index.html and kept your edits to the Footer class and it all seems to work including flexible width for everything (up til 1100px). Seems to be a classic case of over engineering on my part :P, but its all good now. Evan shall be pleased :D
  8. heh, digip, its meant do that (sideBarItemSelect {position:relative;left:10px;}), <- or something like that. :P, but what you did, whatever it was, it worked :P, I don't quite understand how, but thanks :) saved me a few more hours of pain.
  9. I am creating a website for somebody, and I have run into a bit of an issue regarding the footer. In the design it is shown to be at the bottom of the page or the bottom of the viewport if the page is a short one. However, this website does not scale very well ( :/ ). I know how this is normally done. But for that system to work the footer text must appear at the bottom of the page. And, even though I have set a sansFooter content wrapper the footer seems to stick to the right of the content. I will give you guys a zip file of everything I have done so far, and I will keep at it, and see what we can come up with. In all honesty, it is probably something simple I have missed :) . http://www.davidclarkwebdesign.com/0037_rowmote/Archive.zip
  10. lol, wow, I game alot, but I don't get this attached to a particular game xD .
  11. I knew that the EEE PC 900 ran the Netbook Remix version well. But I really wanted to try out 'proper' Ubuntu :P
  12. I am a regular on this forum and my clan forum(s) <- two clans. I am also a member of sveit, but its gone pretty quiet over there.
  13. Awesome! I am totally doing this, I will get back to you guys After I have finished.
  14. That disc might be a demo disc? and I think sparta was kidding about tetris. But Sonic I thought was a viable choice. I just chose Mario because the green thing looked like a turtle.... Besides, if thats what the game looks like, then why not just be content with playing Mario in a GBA, GBC, GBP, SNES or NES emulator?
  15. That my friend, is called Mario....
  16. *claps* yaaaay, Dust Theme, I swear that theme is awesome. I would install Ubuntu on my EEE PC in a flash if I could but it seems that my External CD Drive just pooped out on me. It worked not long before, but now it just sits there and whirs contentedly, not realising its doing nothing... it makes it look like the files are corrupt whereas everywhere else, the files are fine. So as soon as I get a working CD Drive, I am on the case :)
  17. I live in the UK, and I am not of British descent, but, over here, nobody really sees the BNP as a threat: the party themselves at their foundation, relies on a minority vote to succeed, and thats just not a good idea.
  18. (Slight Nudge of a Bump) I also had to strip out a few of the fans to fit various things in: they didn't provide me with three front panel fans and my PSU was uber big (1200W) so I had to strip the fans from the top and the side (the 80mm, red, non-glowing ones) to fit it in.
  19. Its a shame that the Xbox has this many errors, because otherwise its a good console. Microsoft is handling it well though, its unlikely they will be losing many customers through this: they are offering free repairs.
  20. I do agree with CrashOverride (Am I right in thinking thats a 'Hackers' reference, btw?) about killing people being too much effort in games like halo. But then again, I am really bad at halo :P
  21. Thanks for the input guys. In the end I opted for running Ubuntu in a safe ol' VM on my MBP. It runs beautifully and it looks quite nice too :) . I am thinking I might explore it's possibilities in an this closed environment first. It seemed a nice safe bet and it runs quite fast (boots up in 30 seconds or so etc.)
  22. Micah: If you want the icons to stay on the screen I would make everything on the desktop z-index 1 and the windows z-index 2 like so: div.Desktop * { Z-Index:1; } .Window { Z-Index:2; } or, simple replace "Desktop" with "body" to cover all your bases. Come to think of it, you might want to control this with javascript (active windows and dormant windows overlapping etc.)
  23. taiyed: Apparently the EEE PC is fitted with an Atheros 5700 wireless chip (I knew it was an atheros chip because it is called ath0, I just didn't know the model).
  24. Does anybody know how Jaunty runs on the EEE PC (Specifically the model 900 16G)? I am thinking of finally taking the plunge and switching it over and Jaunty looks like a really nice proposition. Also, I have seen some videos of people running it. It is a tad bit slow to boot, but I can deal with that, I just want to make sure that it runs reasonably after that. Also, having wireless connectivity is a major issue for me (and I know that EEE PCs have had an issue with Ubuntu and their wireless chip not mixing).
  25. thats looking awesome man :) . Really good. I was thinking of doing this at one point (just for fun) but it keeps getting pushed back. :( I will get to it eventually :P
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