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  1. That island is so far from Argentina it'd be like America claiming Jamaica as its own. Argentina has never had a valid historcal claim on that island. Its a bullshit claim they bring up when their government comes under too much pressure from the people. Get that patriotic fury going and the the Argentinian people will forget what about their government, or atleast their politicians hope so. Same bullshit we see governments do the world over. Who cares if its about oil. It is a tiny hunk of rock in the Atlantic, and its not like Argentina can exactly use an indigenous rights claim considering what they did to the indigenous people of Argentina. A war was fought, Argentina lost. If tehy want the island back then I say go to war, because they have no legitimate claim to it otherwards. Its British land, and if they want to develop its natural resources, then they have a right to, and a right to reep 100% of its profits. THats my .02 anyways. Not to mention the inhabitants clearly want to remain British. I'll go so far as to disagree with the other Americans here. If an armed conflict does arise, I'd be for the US backing the UK militarily. The world sucks and you're only as strong as your friendships. That being said, theres no real reason there should be a war over this. This has diplomatic solution written all over it. Plus, Argentina can't afford a war, let alone actually win one.
  2. I ended up going with an i5-750. I just don't get to spend enough time in front of my computer thanks to my job and my horribly shitty work schedule to justify spending the money to get an i7
  3. Anyone have any New Years resolutions? Mine is to stop eating so much fast food. Its expensive and it really adds up.
  4. yeah, I've currently got 4 gigs of DDR2. I'm looking at a few different sets of DDR3 on Newegg right now. I'm looking at waiting until my next paycheck to upgrade the memory. Will the motherboard function using DDR2 or am I going to have to purchase DDR3 to get everything working?
  5. I'm looking at getting a new mobo, processor and heat sync for the rig. MSI P55-GD65 LGA 1156 Intel P55 ATX Intel Motherboard - Retail http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx...N82E16813130239 Intel Core i7-920 Bloomfield 2.66GHz LGA 1366 130W Quad-Core Processor Model BX80601920 - Retail http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx...N82E16819115202 and for cooling... CORSAIR Cooling Hydro Series CWCH50-1 120mm High Performance CPU Cooler - Retail http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx...k=corsair%20h50 I haven't really paid attention to the latest in computer technology in a while. I'm not crazy about going to liquid cooling because of the price, but all the reviews of Corsair's H50 are giving it two thumbs up. Anyone know a better non-liquid heatsync that will do a good job? I don't really plan on doing too much hardcore overclocking. second question. I currently have a 550 watt power supply. Is that enough or do I need to upgrade? I am currently running an EVGA GeForce 8800 GTS. Upgrade coming soon.
  6. go to college as soon as you graduate high school and get a degree. Once you get out of the "going to school mode" its harder to get back into it.
  7. Ever considered joining the military? The Navy and Air Force have tons of tech jobs that need doing. They'll train you and you can get a college education for pretty much free. Employers like that kind of thing. Just a thought. Just get a job. You can find things out there with liveable incomes and decent benefits if you're willing to go anywhere (this is key, you have to go to where the jobs are). You don't have to love what you're doing, but right now a job is a job. It puts food on the table. I thought I always wanted to work in the IT field, but alas, here I am in the US Border Patrol. Go figure, right? Never in my wildest imagination did I see myself doing what I am doing now, but it is a good job and I am able to continue my education on my free time. Get on your feet and get self-sufficient. I think you'll be surprised how happy you are just having a little stability even if you aren't crazy about your current job. Then go to school part-time or whatever and work towards what you want.
  8. I have this reserved but I am kind of hesitant to spend $50 for it. Anyone play this and know if is better than the first one. Does it get as repetitive as the first one after a while?
  9. I like both cats and dogs, but I live in a one bedroom apt. with no yard so I only have room for a cat right now.
  10. wait..so I shouldn't have given her my phone number and asked her out to the movies? Damn, I knew anytime a girl approaches me its all too good to be true.
  11. slander and lies are found in every debate in history. You're acting as if its something new. Heck, you're from the UK, you should be used to that kind of debate. Seems to me that you're taking everything at face value and buying the Democratic party line 100% by believing that everyone opposing the new plan is uneducated and taking adverts at face value. There is sensible arguments on both side. Americans are supposed to be skeptical of government. We often are and at the same time, we often buy things at face value. We aren't perfect, but I for one am happy that people are at least voicing their beliefs.
  12. I have to laugh at someone from the UK telling others what will be the downfall of their country. I have a positive view of the UK, but its hardly a standard for efficient govt. and social harmony. Trivial things? A multi-billion dollar govt. takeover of a massive industry is trivial? What fantasy world do you live in? This is about a massive govt. trying to take over and socialize a massive industry when they've proven they can't run anything this big. This is about upstanding citizens having to shell out more of their money to prop up the lazy. One look at Crapifornia shows that a welfare state does not work here. People live on the welfare system. Welfare regulations are not enforced, regardless of how much the taxpayers protest it. And because the losers on the welfare train can't pay taxes, regular citizens are refused their tax refunds because California has no more money. Meanwhile the welfare system stays intact because why work when the govt. will just pay for everything, and its too controversial for politicians to try and cut back on welfare. Entire cities refuse to enforce immigration law, even when it comes to illegals with felony convictions because deporting people isn't "nice and neighborly." America's downfall is the fact that we are too afraid to hurt anyone's feelings regardless of being in the right. Fringe special interest groups have more of a say than the citizen majority. America is ran by a bunch of pussies. People see this move on healthcare as one step too far at this point in time and have decided to make their stand. And I, for one am having a great time listening to people whine and attempt to demonize the protesters in the same way Iraq war protesters were demonized. THe irony and hypocrisy is swirling over here, and its great to watch. btw, since when did vigorous debate become bad for a country?
  13. The messiah has promised to fix this problem too...all should be well. Perhaps another bailout? In all seriousness though, if Obama really does manage to clean up the VA, I'll be the first to congratulate him for a job well done. But the last three Presidents have all made this a priority and nothing has changed. On a side note, I've also read that California is still drowning in red ink, and I can't tell you how happy I am to hear that.
  14. The biggest argument against govt. run healthcare is the VA. Its a mess. If the govt. can't even handle healthcare for veterans, what makes anyone think they can handle it for the rest of the country? I'll give the Democrats some credit though, atleast the new plan makes it very clear that illegal immigrants won't be covered. The US isn't willing to enforce immigration laws while hospitals all over the southwest go bankrupt and close because illegals can't afford to pay for their hospital trips. And with people sitting on welfare for years on end, why in the world would I want another massive govt. social system that responsible citizens will be paying even more taxes to support?
  15. Thats how it happened here. It began as a small unknown drug of Asian origin that started spreading in Oregon and Washington. No one understood how terrible it truly was and it spread like wildfire across the country. Worst part is, meth addicts will do anything to get money for meth. Property crime, robberies, people would be surprised (or maybe not) if they knew how high of a percentage of these crimes are directly related to meth. The high quality meth comes from Mexico, but any meth addicted fool can brew some lower quality stuff up in their trailer. All the necessary ingredients are over the counter medication.
  16. Whatever...just don't ever do Meth. I don't understand why people even try this drug. Everyone knows it is the most heavily addictive street narcotic out there and it literally destroys your body (we've all seen those before and after shots of meth users). Yet, people still try it. I just don't get it.
  17. Scientology.....nice! Though, I must issue you an "Epic Fail." Where is the target from the gun range? You're a foreigner in America and you did not shoot any guns that are not permitted in Australia? What gives sir? That is like me going to some Mediterranean beach and not looking at all the topless women. Just kidding, nice collage.
  18. actually it was a UN action and your "lot" was there killing people too. Along with over a dozen other "lots." But, that was 60 or so years ago, and well, the world has moved on. Europeans don't hate Germans. Americans don't hate the Japanese, etc. In fact, we all get along rather well. South Korea is a first world country and a valued member of the international community. Yet, North Korea's leaders have to brainwash their people into thinking the world is out to get them just to stay in power. Let them fire off missiles. They're just like a child having a tantrum. They want to be the center of attention. Though, it is comical that they truly believe that doing this on the 4th of July will somehow intimidate and frighten Americans.
  19. I've gotten into Audio books lately. They make driving a bit more enjoyable and sane. My sanity teeters on the edge when all I have is music and I'm singing out loud for 8 hours I've never had an issue with them, but I've seen some that are as far from professional as one can get. I'd still fly though.
  20. I'll second that on the Sony laptops. I have a three year old Vaio and its still going strong. The battery life has diminshed, but thats more the battery than the laptop. I have put Linux, Free BSD, and XP on it and no problems yet
  21. No, I've never shot the H&K .USP .45 though I've heard good things. I've got some cop friends that carry it on duty and swear by it. They went so far as to pay for it with their own money as opposed to carry what their departments issued them for free. My H&K is the .40 P2000. Its a nice gun, but I'm just no big fan of the H&K trigger system. Too much slack in the trigger for my preference. I actually just bought a Glock 22 .40 today for $450 after taxes. Was in and out of the gun store in an hour (no waiting periods in Arizona). I was originally going to get the Smith & Wesson M&P .40 or 9mm which would have been like $620 or so after taxes, but I decided to save a few bucks and go with the Glock. I'm still going to get the Smith & Wesson M&P 9mm later along with a M1911 .45 of some sort. I would kill to shoot a Mosin-Nagant rifle. WW2 guns are awesome in my opinion.
  22. He sounds like an angry and wouded orc. perhaps not playing WoW anymore is a good thing. on the otherhand, its only $15/month. How could some loser not manage to come up with that on his own
  23. Wow, thats quite a collection. I've got to say though, no 1911 .45 in there? I'm gonna go shooting tomorrow I think, but ammo prices are starting to go up significantly here. The only ammo I can still get for a decent price is that .40 American Eagle crap. Its like $18 or 19$ for a box of 50. It works fine, but it dirties up my gun pretty quickly. What brand of AR-15 are you getting? I ordered mine from Rock River arms
  24. Damn, thats awesome. I'd love to shoot a Kar98 or a Mosin-Nagant sometime. I'm trying to find a place to get a M1 Garand rifle. Its top of my list of rifles to shoot. I can't imagine those kind of antique guns are cheap though :/ I've got a few things I wanna get first though. I ordered an AR-15 the about 3 weeks back from a local gun store, but its back ordered for about another month. Which I am hearing is the norm right now nationwide.
  25. Not trying to start a debate on gun control or anything of that nature, just curious if there are any gun owners here and what guns they own/like/want to buy. I have a H&K .40 that I do not like at all. Trigger system sucks, and I think the gun is too small. I'm not much of a fan of smaller non-compact handguns. And the damn thing won't shoot for shit if its full of dirt. Unlike a a Glock. I much prefer the trigger systems that you see on Glocks also. I am looking to buy either a Glock 22 (.40 cal) or a Smith & Wesson M&P .40 or .45 All have relatively the same trigger system and are pretty popular.
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