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    itunes hack

    Hmm i think of it more as a DRM stripper for fx. iTunes than a hack, caous u realy dont modyfi the program, site or stuff like that, but just removes the DRM. Anyways thx for the link I think it was mentionet on the new ep of the broken ;)
  2. Actualy i saw that Revesion 3 was down yesterday and i was a bit anoyed of it but now i understand why and its all good^^
  3. Cool, i was w8ting for that Dling now :P
  4. Haha :P actualy thats how i lost my cellphone for some days Until it started beeping in the middle of the night from low battery ;) U gotta love the beeps
  5. I had sasser 1 time and as far as i renember it did it. But dont hang me up on it, its a long time ago. Edit: Chek in the bottom of this link http://www.microsoft.com/security/encyclop...=Win32%2fSasser if its that u see then its most likly sasser
  6. Haha i would newer had thought of that. U must have a +3 int buff cap in your closet ^^
  7. Im running Symantech Corparate Edition and ye it detects it when u run it. So u gotta finde out if the persons av is gonna detect it if u are gonna use it on a person.
  8. Nah after using it for a heater/papier wheight i got a new from the warranty
  9. If it does that u got a big problem, happend to me and i lost all my data on it and it was a paiper wheight once again.. but if it runes for some time, try getting the files over and not moving the harddrive
  10. Thats why u need some spray to keep the dog away from it, "i think i have heard of 1 before" or an extended warranty 8)
  11. Lol thats the first time i have seen anyone replying to a post thats like 3 months old, if u read the rest of the topic u will se that i have got linux installed now, actualy on 3 boxes.. not to be rude or maby yes, anyways thx i guess so.. :P
  12. Thx i had a key but i, misplaced the download link and u can never have too meny cd-keys
  13. pwdump and its dependencies can be encrypted. Ill post links below to the programs. Standard Disclaimers Apply! http://www.brainkill.net/hack/pwdump.exe http://www.brainkill.net/hack/pwservice.exe http://www.brainkill.net/hack/LsaExt.dll ======================= I can verify that the latest version of symantec anti-virus corporate edition with the latest updates does not detect this now. score one for brainkill! I downloadet the 3 files and ran a scan whit symantec antivirus corporate edition and it found pwdump.exe and pwservice.exe as "hacker tools" so i dont think it worked?
  14. It makes a drive out of a file, and there u can store all kinda stuff, also folders .
  15. That is realy sad, when stuff like that happens.
  16. Cool Gratz, i have been thinking about moving to the US some day but i dont realy know :p
  17. It was a sting-ray he got stung whit its spike, the 1 he got stung of was approximately 2 meters long and its spike was approximately 14 centimeters long! "thats 5.51 Inches!", the fish is poisonous but it cant realy kill u, what the news think is that he died caous he got stung realy close to the heart, it would be the same if u got stabbed whit a knife thats 14 centimeters long.
  18. I had heard it in the radion in Denmark today, in the news and in a show I had newer thought he would be killed by a fish, as i renember in the news they told that only 2 persons in Australia has ever died form that fish. Its typical of him to get killed in some insane way that only 1 had tryed before in Aus. May He Rest In Peace, Steve Irwin the man who owned death so meny times.
  19. Yep :p and i got 3 of those, i dont think it would be good to start whit installing Linux on all my systems when i have only had linux for 2 weeks.
  20. Now i have been running Fedora linux in KDE for ca 2 weeks And now that i have got a laptop i installed it there, but i cant seem to get the wifi card working, When i run the live cd Backtrack the card works fine My laptop is a Packard Bell EasyNote R1995 http://support.packardbell.com/uk/item/ind...p;pn=PB42M00989 So i guess my card is a Atheros 5BMB5 Now i know i gotta install some drivers i think its the MadWIFI 0.9.2 drivers i needet. So i installed them like this: make KENELPATH=/usr/src/kernels/2.6.17-1.2174_FC5-i586 su root make install KERNELPATH=/usr/src/kernels/2.6.17-1.2174_FC5-i586 Is that right installed? and if so how do i get the card to work now? caous it isent :P EDIT: I think i know what i need to do now so ill give a update when i have tryed it tomoro
  21. Heres my Lappys Linux Deskop: Dident wanna post 4 pics of all my Deskops on 3 boxes so i just took the 1 i liked bedst :D
  22. Emilml

    PC Building

    Dont connect your molex in backwards
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