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  1. Ye i just thinks its kinda funny :P and looks nice too.
  2. Thats my Lappy: Larger Image: http://img136.imageshack.us/my.php?image=laptopho6.jpg My Desktop looks about the same. What i like the most is the "Windows Start Button" and the background.
  3. I would totaly have a secret passage to a small garden shed out side of my house, and a secret room whit Good linux clusters and 3 inch Concreat walls.
  4. 2 fast things: 1. we are working on disabling antiviruses insted of encrypting it i think using moonlites Av Killer 2. i think this is supost to be posted in the Usb Switchbalde development topic
  5. I saw that and then 5 mins after u went to bed for like a hour or less just remember to much caffeine = hallucinations, to little = sleeping and Darren don’t stab ya self in the back to get the episode done "don’t want no more finger slicing"
  6. Cool good thinking Now we just need 1 to set names on the segments like last time :P
  7. I know there are viruese for Linux and mac, but there are alot more for Windows
  8. Haha those rock Its amazing what u can finde on the internet thease days :D
  9. and why make a virus that infects linux boxes when alot more people use Windows
  10. It would be nice to have a 80 core machine, but it would need some good support from the software site now we just need some more good ram :D
  11. As soon as i hear that people actualy sold pics of them for money i deledet it. 2 mins after installing it
  12. No preference here caous i like the 1 we got now but i guess somebody can make a better one but dno how it shuld look like.
  13. Thats a nice prog thx :D another +1 stealth point for the switchblade if it gets in :D
  14. Those are awsome mods Dont like the collur yellow normaly and i would propably rather want a black case whit some red on it But it still looks fantastic Good work on those 2 mods guys
  15. If i had a U3 stick "gonna buy 1 when i get some money" then i would totaly do that right away. Thx for the cool tut
  16. Nice I love the sourcecodes :D
  17. 1. Take the Magnets out of it. 2. Then take the discs out. 3. Then make an ashtray out of the rest "i wouldent do that but ocfourse i dont smoke ether" 4. Put the discs on string and hang them from your sealing. Thats what i would do. Ps. Here is a good way to remove the magnets http://www.instructables.com/id/E4LIUP6HWKES9J44FG/
  18. I got somewhat the same on my laptop but it has 1 gb ram, since u are gonna upgrade it to 2gig then i will say Ifs a fine laptop for the most stuff, but propably not gaming. And i payed 850$ for my laptop Ofcourse it wasent me who bought it caous if u look on dells site u can get a 1,6 dual core for that price :P
  19. Symantec (expecially Corp) isn't implemented yet, keep an eye on the wiki for future updates :) I played around whit the av killer for a bit and i found out that the hack did something weird to my av after all when i tried to open pwdump or anything listed as a virus or stuff like that it just removed them but there wasn’t a big popup whit warning and stuff. It didn’t remove the av icon from my process bar "And that’s a big Plus" so actually if I got it to run whit fx. the Switchblade, it could copy the stuff and then first l8ter when the computer was restarted give the warnings "when im over all hills" But this makes it a 1 time hack caucus right afther the stuff has ran it deletes them.
  20. Just tested the avkill 1.0 and the 1.1 on 2 computers Running Symantech Corporate Antivirus Editon and it does nothing to it :p
  21. Thats just 1 mad prog u mixed up there Thx ;D
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