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  1. My protine is at 12/500 but i dont let the com run when i sleep, but i had only had the program for about 2-3 houers when i had to close it, right now my is gonna be done the 27 but i dont think it will be done there
  2. Im in, my com dosent run 24/7 but it runs evry second week 8 houers ca "i move to my dad evry second week so that pc is a bit slower"
  3. I havent been on my mail for 2 days now, and my spam filter got 193 spam mails.. but only 3 or 4 mails per day gets into my inbox so thats alot.
  4. Emilml


    Nope i dont like it when people smoke :P
  5. I dont have a backpack whit it right now caous i have it packed for sports But usualy i got: Ethernet wire A ton of Linux live cds and Linux install cds 1 external 40 gig hd, "sometimes my 250 gig external too" Notebook "who can live whit out that little fella" USB 2.0 Wires "whit different connectors"
  6. I actualy thought about that but wasent gonna post it :p and ye it propably would
  7. Nice to see the Game finished :P
  8. Yes Cain can sniff VoIp: - Microsoft Messenger - X-Lite softphone - Pulver communicator - KPhone - Gnomemeeting - eStara softphone - Advanced Dialer - Pingtel SIP Softphone - SIPPS - OpenH323 - Asterisk - PhoneGaim - SJphone "List found in Cainøs User Manual" :P No Ventrillo or Teamspeak :S
  9. Emilml


    Hahaha now thats just stupid come on they are a Universaty but still the only word they can come up whit to describe the school is "Hot" :P
  10. Oh yeah i forgot that "Dammit" :P Happy BIRTHDAY!!!!!!
  11. Yes it is true, episode 13 of OpenAlpha has been released. So check it out :!: http://www.openalpha.tv/
  12. "Dlet it" hmm of course u mean buy it online and download it direct 2 drive? :P Just remember Winners don’t do warez :P Actually I got the game and now that I can finally use it again "after playing whit my uncle for some years ago" I cant cause I will either be a zombie lacking of sleep or a sleep "in my bed hopefully".
  13. Dammit its 5 am here in Denmark when u are gonna play... so i cant :S damn
  14. I think there is like 1 or 2 from Denmark "exept" me on the forums so oh happy days a meetup whit 3 persons "Not gonna happen" :P
  15. I just mean they culd make Windows update so it dident have to use ActiveX and use something else instead, dno what :p
  16. I think that it shuld work for all Browsers not just IE
  17. I think i read that on Slashdot :P
  18. Dammit Darren now i cant w8 eaven more for ep1 season 2 :P
  19. Hmm the link by Malak does the same to me, but the Ausgamer link gives me a ca 3.88gig file and its about 180 kbs, but after 20mins the link dosent work for me anymore :p and i have to use a dl accelerator that dosent accelerate to resume the dl again
  20. I have been getting 50 at the max today, so i shifted to the mirros so now my dl is getting 180 ca so it will be done in ca 5 houers, insted of ca 1-3 days whit the torrents.
  21. I got a 4 Meg/384 kbs "i can dl whit over 512 kbs, and upload whit 40kbs"
  22. Ye i know that its gonna be a DVD whit propably bloopers and behinde the scenes i just mean what will the difference be between The free and the Not free version of the DVD
  23. Hey there. Today i got a Medion Fingerprint reader, and I think it works ok for a cheap fingerprint reader, I’ve got some software whit it, that is called Omnipass, I don’t really digg it if u know what I mean â€i really don’t like itâ€, it slows down my boot time whit about 10 seconds, and it hasn’t got a lot of features, it cant remember passwords from sites that i have logged into in Firefox only IE “that’s a major bummer if u ask meâ€, so i was thinking does anybody know of some software, that I can use for it or even some software that’s even better? I would prefer if it was free/opensurce but just tell me if u know any software that I can use whit it if it coasts $$$ or not :P ? I have been on Medion's site looking for updates, drivers and stuff like that, but they dont eaven have the product there, so i only have what’s on the CD that I got whit it, that’s also 1 of the reasons I want to find some new software, cause if I have to be honest, I don’t like using software that’s newer going to get updated.
  24. Does anyone know what the differences will be between the Payed DVD and the free?
  25. NIce :D i got a shoutout :) Thx Does anyone know when the dvd will be released?
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