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  1. Haha i know that 1 got all 13 videos there is whit that Heres the link to the site's gallery: http://mtaylor.be/index.php?option=com_cpg&Itemid=31 Then u just scrool down and pick Extreme Overclocking and enjoy
  2. k.. i just installed FreeBSD in WMware until i get home in ca 2 weeks where i will install it on my box
  3. Okey it cant connect to get the dl so how do i set up the net connection
  4. I have installed FreeBSD in wmware, works fine, and i can login, so i was wondering how can i install like a gui like, kde, fluxbox, gnome that stuff? Or culd i have installed that during the instalation of FreeBSD and if yes then plz tell me how :p
  5. Bookmarked it whit the Shows i watch :p
  6. Cool, Can VCL play .m4v ? the format the video is in Edidt: Yes Portabel VLC can havent tested it whit Normal VLC
  7. Emilml

    Hey gang.

    Thats scary u say the same as me, just a other name Copycat :p
  8. Emilml

    Hey gang.

    Hey there ;D Im Emil, so welcome to the forums
  9. OMg now i know whats wrong, FreeBsd cant finde the disc in wm ware :p Edidt: Now i know what to do in 3 weeks when i get home to my own com then i will install FreeBSD untill that i will play whit some live cds
  10. Any site i can dl fdisk form so i can mount it into wmware :p? or do i have to make a bootdisk and run the disk in wmware?
  11. It says i need to use Fdisk to partition... :S Nah just a slow change :p i am gonna learn linux and use it :p
  12. I just dlet it from FreeBSD's site, i am trying to install FreeBSD in Wmware, so how can i partition the Wmware disk i made when i made a new machine in Wmware :p ftp://ftp.freebsd.org/pub/FreeBSD/release...ISO-IMAGES/6.1/ thats where i dlet it from , i dlet: File: 6.1-RELEASE-i386-disc1.iso File: 6.1-RELEASE-i386-disc2.iso 6.1-RELEASE-i386-bootonly.iso CHECKSUM.MD5 CHECKSUM.SHA256 Rightnow i am running 6.1-RELEASE-i386-disc1.iso emulated in wmware
  13. Okey thx. I need to make partitions for my FreeBSD, i am trying to make an install in WM Ware so how can i make partitions in that, or do i have to use fdisk and if i have to where can i dl it from and mount it in wmware
  14. Thx :p then i am not all stupid
  15. I was looking at FreeBSD and i thought what 1 of the dls do i have to pick? alpha, amd64, i386,ia64,pc98,ppc or sparc64 I got a 32 bit 1,86 ghz cpu, 1 gig of ram and its a normal Box not a mac :p Ps. I think its i368 i have to dl but i am not sure
  16. Ye, realy if he dont like it, dont listen to it thats what i think
  17. Dosent your neck hurt when u get out of the house? :p
  18. Sounds like a cool idea I cant w8 to see the game :p
  19. Thx for the anwsers :p i will try kerio it sounds like a good firewall
  20. Okey now i use Windows firewall, but i dont realy think u can trust that 1 so i was wondering if there was a good firewall, opensurce or free? or do i have to put some $$$ into it, and if i had to what 1 would you recomend ps. it needs to be for windows, since i only play whit linux for now
  21. thx for the course, gonna dl it now if i can :p
  22. Hahaha thats sooo sad :p
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