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  1. haha thats why i dont do that shit :p
  2. I use Azureus caous its a realy good torrent program At my dads place i gotta use uTorrent caous the com laggs else
  3. Its my birthday today :p 15 years old now :D
  4. Wow a new version again and this is eaven better, thx i think its a cool hack, so i like that people improve it all the time :p
  5. This hack rocks, now i can listen to pandora of the net and but the numbers if i like them. Good work
  6. Yeah i used it but Firefox owns it.
  7. Fine, they go realy high when u tun the volume to the max "I think they can goto 99 - 104 dB or thats what i read out of the site" i think thats so mutch u can get long term damage if u use them to long on the max :p :p My brother talked alot about them caous meny pro cs players use them or some other called Steelseries But the external microphone u get whit them S***
  8. They are called Icemat Siberia they coast ca 79.00 USD, and they suck the juce of my mp3 player :p, they use 1 AA battery in 1-2 houers in my iRiver iFP-790T :p http://www.icemat.com/products/icematsiber...siberia_headset
  9. I realy dont care let them be what they what to be.
  10. Me ^^ Yeah looks kinda stupid but we all got the bad days :P
  11. I dont think it will get killed evah :D But yeah the 2.0 uses a lot of resurces "They will bring them down" i hope :p I use Firefox as my main browser caous IE cant use tabs only in the IE7 version, thats not out yet but the extensions and themes to Firefox thats the big + for me and dont forget the tab stuff xD
  12. That sounds great cant wait for behind the sceens and extra stuff :p
  13. Cool a FAQ now i can finde out all the dirty things about u "not" :p
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