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  1. I could turn off the Welcome screen, but I don't know how my parents would react to that. My mom gets confused between left and right clicking. I have to wonder if Alt-Tabbing might make it appear. I've had Windows sit there at the login waiting for a response that was hidden.
  2. I have a system with a weird quirk that I'm trying to resolve. For the past couple of weeks it has randomly decided not to let anyone enter their user account password at the login screen. This is on a system running WinXP SP2 using Fast User Switching. Here's what happens: Windows is at the login screen with no one currently logged in. A user can click their account name, windows will display the password entry field...but you can't type on it. If you click a different account (which doesn't require a password), Windows will log in. If you immediately log out of that account and click the first account again, you can type the password. Any ideas?
  3. Look for your iTunes music folder. Rename it. See if iTunes will open after doing that. If it does, it will be empty. You can then close iTunes and copy the contents of your old iTunes music library to the new one. If I make the mistake of moving the network location of the "My Music" folder, which is what iTunes looks for on my machine, the program will just refuse to open. That's highly stupid programming, in my opinion, because you don't even get the chance to tell iTunes where the folder went. It also has a habit of duplicating songs here and there. I just cleaned that up on my system last night. Some songs were in triplicate. Has to have something to do with the other computer that I have using the same folder for the iTunes library.
  4. Interesting. Ours are yellow, unless they're trying to match the neighborhood, in which case they're usually forest green, silver, black, etc.
  5. You, sir, are fortunate. My boyfriend didn't like it because of the tabs and some other petty differences. My mom didn't like it because Firefox handles saved passwords a bit differently. My aunt doesn't use Firefox, even though I've set up her computer to make it harder to find IE. I actually would use IE a lot more if the few plug-ins that I use were available for it. I'm not a fanboy of any brand or version of any item. I go for what fits and works. At least IE7 makes things a lot more familiar when using machines that don't have Firefox.
  6. Did you try it in Opera? No, because I didn't want to. Some things, especially at work, are designed specifically for IE. Trying to get your family to use something different just isn't going to happen, no matter how you sugar coat it. I've had to turn off the tabs on one machine already, if that gives you a clue about how picky they are.
  7. I want IE7 installed on all three of my machines for two reasons. First, there are some sites that occasionally don't render or function correctly under Firefox. I can also have both open to log in to my site with on, yet be anonymously viewing on the other, to see what things look like. For those times where I'm using IE because of rendering or functionality issues, I'd prefer to have an up-to-date browser. The second reason is because not everyone is convinced that Firefox is the greatest thing since sliced bread. Personally, I love it, but I'm not here to tell people what they should use based on my preference. There are people in my family that simply don't like Firefox. It doesn't do things the way they're used to. That doesn't make either browser 'wrong'. It's their preference. Now, aside from Firefox plug-ins, is there any particular place where people seem to be congregating to troubleshoot these issue publicly? I'm backing up my other notebook right now so I can continue to try to get it to work. I'm using a Dell-installed version of Windows MCE. None of my computers are running pirated software. Sorry to disappoint.
  8. Anyone else have %($(@*& issues installing IE7? RC1 wouldn't install on my first notebook. RC2 wouldn't install on my desktop. Now the released version won't install on my other notebook. What the? The released version is now on my first notebook, but it nearly hosed my other one. First the install failed, so it tries to self-uninstall, which hosed IE6. Rebooting hosed Windows Explorer completely. Had to resort to System Restore in Safe Mode. I tried installing IE7 in safe mode, but it won't get beyond the Windows Genuine check. The error in the IE7.log doesn't match anything listed on the Troubleshooting page at Microsoft's site. The computer is already really sluggish at booting after a year of use, so I may just re-install Windows, add IE7 and then all the patches again. That's a lot of work, though, since Vista will be out in February. Thoughts?
  9. Wow, the (hot) cable guy just left and I can say that I feel like I'm part of the rest of the world now! See... :D The price difference? $10 less per month.
  10. Great info, Ethan. I think it goes without saying that as soon as you get IIS running on your system, you should go to Microsoft Update to grab all the latest patches. I can't help but think that your system could be easily compromised with this method, even if it were totally patched.
  11. DSL in Alaska is 2 inch e.penis with shrinkage! You guys are so lucky. The comeptition among communication companies has given you all some nice options. I'm on a supposedly 1Mbit DSL connection, which is changing this morning to 3Mbit cable modem. I'll do another test later to see if there's much change. The companies you're using aren't allowed to do business in this state because we have protected monopolies. :(
  12. Couldn't be much because for me to test with Seattle and then NYC only resulted in a 2kbps difference.
  13. hehe Oops, I forgot to mention that it's a pure Win2k Server and WinXP client environment.
  14. Looking for a suggestion for work. We have three campus locations, and thus, three servers. On each server there is a shared folder for all employees to access things such as forms, policies and templates. We're trying to set things up so that the main server, Server A, is the one that everyone uses, regardless of their campus location. We'd like to keep the shares on servers B and C in synch as a fallback for those locations in the event the VPN goes down. This means that we'd 1) Need to synch those remote shares frequently enough to keep things accurate, and 2) If the VPN goes down and those shares are updated, their updated contents are copied back to the main share. Since my employer is a non-profit and we strictly adhere to licensing, I was thinking of looking at Microsoft's SyncToy to do this. (I use SyncToy at home, but haven't ready the license for business-use terms.) Anyone have any other suggestions for this scenario?
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