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    haha asleep :p
  2. I am maby gowing to Sweden tomoro if i wanna :p I can take the Train or a boat, takes ca ½houer But if u ever make a party in Sweden ill be right there :P
  3. Ye fedora looks realy cool actualy :p had it before but i newer got told about MBR so i was a bit scared there :p but i got the windows MBR back, but i wanna learn how to install stuff in linux not just give it 1 command and it does it all for me, or that would be fine if it was in all linuxes but it isent i think so i think ill take openSuse
  4. Hmm i just found out i had opensuse 10.1 Beta not the new release so i gotta dl that on monday when i am at my dad whit a nice 4 mbit connection, so i will dl Ubuntu there also :p so meanwhile ill think il read some manuals and guides :p Ps. also have FreeBSD Edidt: I think ill try openSUSE 10.1 caous its a bit more Linux a like if u ask me :P
  5. I actualy have openSUSE 10.1 caous i download alot :p so i got like Fedora, Opensuse, auditor, backtrack, knoppix, gamersknoppix, slackware and some more :P Of course none installed
  6. Hey now im thinking to start learning Linux basics, like installing programs and stuff, so i was thinking got any tips, guides, Linux Distros that are good to use maby Fedora or what do i know? :p i basicly want any help i can get.
  7. Hahaha rofl xD that’s the funniest IRC conversation I have ever seen
  8. Actualy i have watched all of the Hak.5 Shows but i first found the show when it was episode 8 or so :p
  9. I mean in Copenhagen they look nice, but Swedish girls are the nicest in the world or at least what i have seen
  10. It was a great show but i dont think its comming back after a year..
  11. Haha thats so true and funny ;P
  12. If i may ask, what do u learn at computing? caous in Denmark we have something called Datalogic and i wanna know if its the same or something like it, caous i might study it when i am done whit my time at the gymnasium :p "but what am i talking about im still in High School 1 more year"
  13. I have been to Sweden, "I'm form Denmark u know ;P" i will say its a nice place but i will say that there isent that big a differance from Sweden and Denmark, the biggest it propably the ladys
  14. There hasent been an update of From the Shadows since 2005? or do they have a new site now
  15. That is possibel, i always get a knee for that 1, you are lucky
  16. Yes they werent only born whit the display pictures They have faces ^^ spooky
  17. Thats why u need to see the face of the person first :D
  18. haha yeah thats popably right ;P
  19. The last 2 weeks there has emerged 2 new insurance companies, whit the site names Tankafritt.nu and delaut.se. Basically if u live in Sweden u can pay "now don’t hang me up on this" about 20$ USD a year, and what the insurance company does for u is that if u get caught downloading illegal Music, Movies, Programs and stuff like that, and get a claim for compensation then they will pay it out for u, and u get a t-shirt that says "I Got Convicted For File sharing, and all i got was a shitty t-shirt" and the spokesperson for Tankfritt.nu tells there is plans for expansion: We have plans for Denmark. Now its all about checking the legal basis to see if it possible. It is important that we don’t break the law. Says Magnus BrÃ¥th, the 29 year old owner of tankafritt.nu I hope its going to be legal in Denmark and if it does I want to get that insurance â€not that I need/will ever need itâ€. So what do u think about it all? Ps. info found on piratgruppen.org and don’t kill me for my spelling, gramma etc.
  20. OTR's site is down? does anyone know when it will be up again?
  21. 1. Firefox 2. Windows Live Messenger 8.0 Beta 3. Winamp 4. uTorrent 5. iTunes 6. Ventrilo 7. VLC 8. WinRAR 9. mIRC 10. Skype
  22. I just got home :p dlet it and watched it
  23. I think its fine i have had it for like 2 months or so :p
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