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  1. UNIVERSAL CUSTOMIZER WARNING: If your U3 Drive vendor is SanDisk or Memorex use the files on the Hak5.org Wiki instead. Please backup all data on your flash drive before running this software. It is recommended that you backup the U3 CD-ROM before running this software. To do this follow these directions. 1. Go to My Computer on the Desktop.2. Right-Click where it says 'U3-CDROM' are something similar to that name. 3. Once the menu comes up click 'Open'. 4. Now simultaneously press 'CTRL' and the 'A' key on the keyboard. 5. Now simultaneously press 'CTRL' and the 'C' key on the keyboard. 6. Now go to your desktop and make a new folder (name it anything like U3BACKUP). 7. Go to your new folder. 8. Now simultaneously press 'CTRL' and the 'V' key on the keyboard. 9. Done. HOW TO USE UNIVERSAL CUSTOMIZER 1. Download the software Universal Customizer Extract to the Desktop and execute Universal_Customizer. 3. Insert a U3 Drive into your PC. 4. Follow the on-screen instructions. 5. Done. INFORMATION Updates: Changed the version variable to '*' so it should now customize all U3 Drives without a problem. New: Packaged the zip file with a command-line ISO maker. I scanned the files with Norton AntiVirus 2006. I am no longer supporting the last release of Universal Customizer(Universal U3 LaunchPad Hacker This computer application is not able to make a classic(normal) flash drive U3 compliant. The pre-packaged 'U3CUSTOM.ISO' file is the loader for the U3 SwitchBlade/Hacksaw. You might have to run this software 2 or more times before it works properly (you might get an error message) and manually put your files back on the flash drive and re-install your U3 software titles. To make your own 'U3CUSTOM.ISO' file follow these directions. (XP/NT/2003 Only) 1. Navigate to the directory where you extracted Universal_Customizer.zip to and open the 'U3CUSTOM' folder.2. Copy your custom files* to that folder. 3. Go to the parent directory. 4. Execute 'ISOCreate.cmd' 5. Launch 'Universal_Customizer' and your done. *Use the files in the folder where you backed up your U3 CD-ROM if you want to restore your U3 LaunchPad. U3 FIRMWARE ISO's Memorex LaunchPad SanDisk LaunchPad How to use these ISO files 1. Download an ISO from one of the above links to the directory where you extracted UC 1.0.08 to in the 'BIN' folder.2. Rename your current 'U3CUSTOM' file to 'U3CUSTOM.OLD' or something(just to keep that file). 3. Rename your newly downloaded ISO file to 'U3CUSTOM'. 4. Go to the parent directory and execute 'Universal_Customizer'. 5. Done.
  2. I want to test my software on home and pro sp2.
  3. Hello, Can I Install XP Home and XP Pro on the same computer.
  4. Heres the link for the Universal U3 LaunchPad Hacker http://www.hak5.org/forums/viewtopic.php?t=3026 created by me.
  5. If you are interested in the Anti-SwitchBlade development please post your source code or ideas. Thanks and have a haven't been hacked by a SwitchBlade day.
  6. This has only been tested with the Memorex U3 Mini TravelDrive 1. Go to the topic "Hacking Memorex U3 TravelDrive" to download/extract ResHacker and know how to fake upgrade it. 2. Extract "LaunchPad.zip" from your U3 CD-ROM. 3. Open up ResHacker and go to the extracted "LaunchPad" folder. 4. Double-Click on "Launchpad.exe" 5. Expand "GIF" There should have 3 folders with the Memorex logo in it. These should be "602", "630", and "631". If this is true proceed to step 6. Otherwise this is a Memorex only thing. 6. Expand "GIF" | Expand "601" 7. Right-Click "1033" Then Click "Save [GIF : 601 : 1033]..." 8. Open "Paint" (You Know The Crappy Little Thing By MS) Dont open in resource hacker. 9. Wherever you saved the resource open it in paint. 10. Now just try to capture the light blue side of the picture and copy it and then press "Ctrl+N" if it asks to save something press no. 11. Paste the light blue area in the blank white box. Make sure it fills the entire thing. 12. Ok now save that as "U3 Color" 13. Now Click the little "A" in the toolbox and stretch it on the screen. Make sure the color isnt overlapped by the text box. 14. Put whatever you want in the text box. Try to keep the image size to about "150, 25". 15. Now save that as "Logo.gif". Please dont try another extension. 16. Go back to resource editor. Now expand "602" in "GIF" then right-click "1033" click "Replace Resource..." 17. Click "Open file with new resource...". Go to your image and click "Open". For "Resource Type" type in "GIF". For "Resource Name" type in "602". For "Resource Language" type in "1033". Click "Replace". http://img152.imageshack.us/img152/5316/imagevq6.png[/img] 18. Repeat the same for resources "630" and "631" replace the resource name with "630" and "631". 19. Save the file 20. Put it in the LaunchPad.zip folder. 21. Make an ISO with the LaunchPad.zip folder, autorun.inf, and LaunchU3.exe 22. Rename the iso to LaunchPad.iso and place in the U3_Launchpad_Updater_1_0_0_2/bin folder. 23. Run the hacked updater and enjoy your logo. http://img176.imageshack.us/img176/6147/imageig5.png[/img]
  7. Also there is a free ISO maker called DeepBurner. Look it up on google.
  8. This is a tested and working :idea: How To Hack The Memorex TravelDrive 1. Go Download The Firmware Update | U3 Upgrade To The Desktop 2. Choose Open and Install WinAce | WinAce Download 3. After Installation of WinAce Right-Click "U3_Launchpad_Updater_1_0_0_2" on the desktop and click "Extract to C:...OwnerDesktopU3_Launchpad_Updater_1_0_0_2". You should have a new folder on your desktop now. 4. Download/Extract ResHacker | ResHacker Download 5. Open ResHacker.exe and Choose "File" | "Open" and then go to your desktop and open the folder U3_Launchpad_Updater_1_0_0_2 now double-click UpdaterCore. 6. Expand "String Table". Expand "132". Click "1033". You should see STRINGTABLE LANGUAGE LANG_ENGLISH, SUBLANG_ENGLISH_US { 2096, "Skip" 2097, "Skip All" 2098, "Retry" 2099, "Abort" 2100, "Wrong password" 2101, "%d attempt(s) before device is permanently locked" 2102, "Failed to set password. To try again, please remove your %2 and reinsert it." 2103, "%1 failed to format your %2" 2104, "Backing up your data..." 2105, "Updating the %2 firmware..." 2106, "Restoring your data ..." 2107, "Formatting your %2..." 2108, "Updating your version of the U3 Launchpad..." 2109, "" 2110, "binLaunchpad.iso" 2111, "Launchpad.zip" } Change This And Compile Script 2109, "" Now go to "File" | "Save" Close ResHacker ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ This just allowed you to update the drive over and over. Because in the LaunchPad.zip file the firmware version is or this fools the updater in to thinking the firmware isnt updated. Please DO NOT mess with the version.dat file. I dont know what will happen. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 7. Now you can go to your desktop then the "U3_Launchpad_Updater_1_0_0_2" folder then the "bin" folder and put your own "LaunchPad.iso" in there. 8. Once done with 7 just double-click "UpdaterCore" in the "U3_Launchpad_Updater_1_0_0_2". ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- I am not responsible for any device damage and please do not exceed the 5MB limit. I dont know what will happen. Also dont change the "BIN" | "709" | "0" resource I dont know what will happen. If you want info on how to change the Memorex logo that the LaunchPad shows then just reply to this. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- USB SwitchBlade Link -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
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