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linux is free. you can order ubuntu disks from the website for FREE. they take 2 - 3 weeks to send but when you do - shiny new linux disks all for free!!! they come with 8 ubuntu stickers too

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In reality, it's Ubuntu who is selling them in BestBuy, so they are making money off it as well. Either way, they can't afford to give them away for free in stores, as Ubuntu doesn't have the revenue of say, AOL, who used to be everywhere.

Thing I don't get though, most people who bought RedHat in stores did so because they were going to get paid support when they purchased it from a store. Is Ubuntu doing the same thing now? Or do you install at your own risk, for those who never used Linux before?

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Why not just download the ISO and burn it? Thats what I've done... I mean common everyones got a CD burner these days and a spare CD-R lying around! And with high speed internet you'll have a CD burned before the time it takes you to get to the store and back ;)

Just download it, I don't care if you've got a 56k modem, it'll still be faster than waiting 3 weeks.

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depends greatly on what your using it for.

SLES (suse server) is worth the extra cost if you need to have a 99.999% yearly minimal uptime. (it makes the upper management happy to have the support, even though Open Suse works just as well ).

Also i can see paying for a specially hardened Linux like Adonis DNS... (ROCK HARD)

But if you are just running a Linux as a home desktop then i agree, just download them for free...

down with best buy...... Dont Know CRC from IRC

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