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  1. depends greatly on what your using it for. SLES (suse server) is worth the extra cost if you need to have a 99.999% yearly minimal uptime. (it makes the upper management happy to have the support, even though Open Suse works just as well ). Also i can see paying for a specially hardened Linux like Adonis DNS... (ROCK HARD) But if you are just running a Linux as a home desktop then i agree, just download them for free... down with best buy...... Dont Know CRC from IRC
  2. Disable USB in BIOS... (like all GOV Secure PCs) Disable User Privileges... Shoot that ID10T computer guy (every place has one.. .. ) put your PC in a X09 Safe...
  3. I just got my wife a Wii with Zelda and Wii Fit... Tons of brownie points there...
  4. SysOps


    The Barbarian is SWEET.... ... ... ... i dont see any cows though....
  5. Create a VNC self installer and inject it into a song/pic/program.. or just walk over with a USB key and dump it when you send him out for soda... http://www.vncscan.com/vs/oneclickVNC.htm Then you can just log in.. and shut down Plus... for a extra effect you can take control of his box so when he is watching that Goat Porn you can open up txtpad and tell him he is being watched... .. or.. install said Goat porn on his box and then just randomly play it.. .... although i do like shooting out the transformers ...
  6. Network Admin for AF working in SouthCom Spent time working for the army being a 240B gunner & Generator / Humvee Mech at Fob Rushmore Work with: 24 Cisco 6509s with dual Sup 720 with a Zen Backbone 4 Cisco 3800 Routers Sidewinder firewalls Adonis DNS around 400 Dell 2850s 20 or so Dell 6850s Enough Fiber Optic cable to drive me fully insane.. (all blown) Favorite game: Half Life Favorite OS: Suse Favorite console: NES Nationality: American Sex: Male Age: 23 Race: White American Height: 6' Status: Married Favorite band: Clutch Favorite book: Barbed Coil Favorite author: J V Jones Favorite movie: Army of Darkness Favorite TV Show: ... dirty jobs Favorite actor: ..... .. dunno Favorite Comedian: MircoShaft Other hobbies: MTBing.. Jeep.. Hicking.... Shooting... My home network (getting quite large) Car: 2001 Jeep XJ Occupation: Network Admin / Network Infrastructure Tech / Network defense / Cert Fiber Optic Installer
  7. SCSI, IDE, SATA ??? given the cache size, if they are SCSI... just get a controller, cable, and a loan to pay the power bill... then download the internet
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