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  1. Thanks, if you could find a link that could be helpful. I tried getting Daemon tools twice before but I encountered some kind of system errors. I've got a new copy of XP since then but it would still be reassuring if I got a download from someone who knows it works. Thanks to everyone who replied.
  2. So there is an opt-out for it on the newer versions?
  3. Anyone know of good programs for burning and/or mounting .iso files (preferably freeware)? I can never get older versions of daemon tools to work and I heard the newer versions have spyware on them. Thanks.
  4. No, something more mainstream like Ubuntu. I'm a pretty big noob to when it comes to working with software outside of my comfort zone, right now desperately trying to change that. I thought about getting FreeDOS for one of my older computers out of curiosity (I started using computers after Windows became the de facto OS). Also, do you know any good sites for helping one become familiar with Visual Studio 2008? Thanks
  5. I generally use eclipse for my projects, but I'm gonna have to learn to operate on Visual Studios 2008. Does anyone know of a good place for a compehensive tutorial/description of main features? Also, does anyone know of good webpage building apps and server apps?
  6. Thanks. I suspected as much. The next laptop I get will not be running any version of Windows.
  7. Would disabling autorun be enough to prevent a hacksaw hack, assuming one's account on a computer is active but password protected?
  8. Thank you very much for your responses moonlit and digip. The reason I was asking was because I think someone used a hacksaw or switchblade hack on my computer and, although I don't think I lost any serious information, I wanted to find out if there were ways to better secure one's USB hubs. I talked to a friend and he said disabling AutoPlay for my CD-ROM would be the best solution. I have another question, just out of curiosity - are there any log files that keep track of storage devices that were at some point in time connected to a computer, like a log containing times during which USBs were inserted into USB hubs? Thanks
  9. Hi, newbie here. I was wondering if there was a way to password protect your usb port (so that it would be impossible for unauthorized users to run their flash drives on your computer and impossible to auto run u3 usb's), and if doing so would protect you from a hacksaw hack. Also, are there any standard methods to counter hacksaw/switchblade hacks? Any info would be appreciated
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