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  1. Hi, I was just wondering, does anyone has a torrentleech account? If so, would you like to send me an invite? (just pm me) If not, then so be it. Grtz
  2. Code Geas also rocks :P Anyway, my june desktop from my vista lappy...
  3. Download http://www.microsoft.com/downloads/details...;displaylang=en Run it, and while running it, you normally can run wireshark...
  4. I know :) but the gee gee gee song is very addictive... can't get it out of my head :)

  5. Nice post, although I think I'm going to download the 30gb torrent...
  6. fan of Girls Generation? :P GEE!

  7. Well I think this is the start for better encryption in the BT protocol, I mean, there is already encryption (like RC4 etc) but maybe this is the start that encryption in the BT protocol will be standard so that the users downloading torrents are harder to track... Or that torrent trackers will move to countries like Afghanistan, Laos, etc where they don't have any copyright laws... Like TPB offering now more anonymousity to the users etc.
  8. Although self reflection is essential in life... But anyway, weŕe going off topic. Seems like they are going to investigate who leaked an hour before verdict the fact that the 4 were guilty...
  9. @dingles your right, 10X better. But what went wrong in their childhood to do things like that? now I'm afraid to get children in the fare away future...
  10. I was talking about the girl in de video:P not you :) Btw, seems like she has a lot more videos of herself on here youtube page http://www.youtube.com/user/CRAZYTRUMPETERG1
  11. indeed, OMG... That is also a sign of courage... taping yourself like that...
  12. Sth we will never understand: Politicians, and the mystical reasonings from the judges
  13. The persons who run TPB are on trial, not the site itself.
  14. yep, that was what Im looking for, but I didn't searched ebay cause I thought there were other manufactures sites to buy from or sth like that. But thanks anyway :)
  15. Actually, only 20 icons are on the desktop, the rest is background:P ( Just found it a nice idea to make an icon background so I made one :) ) My room still isn't tidy:P
  16. Does anyone knows where to buy a laser with λ 405 nm a.k.a. blu-ray laser? Or just the modelnumber of such a laser would also be sufficient. I googled and it only came up with some casemodding sites etc. So thats why I ask you guys.
  17. Hell yeah! Also... A-Team rocks.... They always got locked up in a farm or an unhabited place with a broom and a barrel and a few other stuff and then you could expect them to come out with a tank :)
  18. Also, that could be more polite... Like: "Well, there is a free version. It took me hours of hard working in VB, so I WOULD LIKE that you don´t call it shit. Also, you haven´t tried the program yet so how can you judge about the program I created? - Let me challenge you by making one. You might be a respected member, but to me your not." See? It isn´t so hard to be a little polite...
  19. Anyway, why would I pay 10$ to use such a msn messenger? To play a prank on my friends? Also, Why whould I want to download a free version of your program. It should be a prank if I tell friends on a lan party that I have INSTALLED the newest msn messenger on my computer... So, why should I use msn messenger? I think it would be more appreciated if you made something like that for pidgin...
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