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  1. The blue disks look like its straight out of stargate :-/
  2. If you dont know anyone in the tech field i suggest getting them.. but otherwise you can land a job w/o it.
  3. Can you link the wallpaper?
  4. I think im missing something... why would you want to do this?
  5. antirem

    Plants vs Zombies

    I love this time sucker.. now if only i can come up with concepts like that.....
  6. Take pictures :D id love to see how it turns out!
  7. Its really hard to tell at this point.. Its just as possible that we developed that on our own and their is no way to prove either way yet.
  8. I dont see why there is so much hate towards the factual basis of Wikipedia... yes there can be holes but its fairly solid.
  9. hmm... i too would desire this...
  10. oooh! (watching stablefoxx)
  11. Mac Rumors just got hacked during the Macworld Keynote. The live stream of events was going and then all of a sudden things began to go.. wrong.. like having Mac Rumors say they were being sponsored by 4chan or the kkk. Mac Rumors Hacked
  12. Use ubuntu the first time.. just becaue there is a massive amount of support. Once you feel comfortable in ubunutu learn some bash Then you may want to move onto another linux distro (debian, gentoo, whatever feels right to you)
  13. antirem

    RSS Feeds

    Season 1 http://thepiratebay.org/torrent/4109644/Hak5_Season_01 Season 2 http://thepiratebay.org/torrent/4109650/Hak5_Season_02 Season 3 http://thepiratebay.org/torrent/4326446/Hak5_Season_3
  14. my favorites are the O'Reilly books
  15. Demonoid, nq10wzmrjfnsqrbriayc8m8svpogsjxauhpxidnf64bt (just ask in thread for more ;))
  16. Ive watched talks from both.. and while there are more I feel that shmoocon talks are just a bit better.. although they are top tier cons. I guess its sort of pointless to compare which is better since they both are so great.
  17. I have worked WAY too long on this blog post.. but I have compiled a list of all the torrent files available for the 25C3 confrence that ended on the 29th of december.. there was a good 6 hours of work on this (no joke)... I am hosting a zip of all the torrents of videos out so far.. i will update it as new videos come online. If nobody here is interested ill stop posting about it.. but this honestly some of the best hacking material you will ever see. grab the zip from my post http://hackerblog.net/papers/25c3-videos since zip link may update
  18. antirem

    COD 4 vs. COD 5

    I prefer CoD4.. but zombie mode on CoD5 is very fun
  19. Its ok if you need it right away but it can be monitored and I wouldnt want to use any financial related passwords on it.
  20. If your going to be using dd-wrt (openwrt would be better) you wont need the computer. You could just set up SSH on your router and make it a loopback so you can tunnel through it.
  21. CGI Proxy, VPN Proxy, SSH tunnel...
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