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  1. It's a network where all the APs has the same ssid. I tried to see if Atheros had some software around, they had, but with no luck, it only installs the driver under Windows 7, so I am limited to the functionality Windows' connection manager gives me. :( So basiclly, I need to wait for the IT department to get it fixed. :\
  2. Hi all, I am having some small problems on my school, one of the classrooms I am in, have an acesspoint that cant handle the load, and the IT department is working on it, but they have been on it for 2 months now, and they hav'nt fixed it yet. So I was wondering if I could put the accesspoint in this room on a blacklist, or something, so it would connect to the accesspoint in the room next to us? I can see it in kismet, it will give me 70% connection rate. I am using Windows 7 Professionel, I can do it in Linux, but Outlook wont work under Linux, so thats not an option. Any suggestions? Edit: Forgot to mention, it's an Enterprise roaming accespoint network.
  3. For the $20 you will also get a starter guide and 60 days of free support, that is at least what a Danish news magazin wrote.
  4. From what I could see, it took around 10 days from the day they send them from the US, to it arrived here in Denmark, so it takes some time :) Actually I cant remember when I donated, I think it was a month ago, maybe two, so give it time :)
  5. Got my stickers yesterday, so I have not found a suitable place for them yet, but I have a picture of the package :P
  6. considering that's a notebook, you should rely turn it off more often, 30 days up time can't be good =/ My laptops uptime is 41 days atm, no problem at all, just remove the battery and keep it cold :)
  7. Since your the main developer, you should know all it's weakness :p
  8. The same has kismet, but thats for Linux ;)
  9. zephid


    http://www.virtualbox.org/ Use that one, it's way better then VMware :) And it's free ! :)
  10. zephid

    Linux OS

    You are saying that you want to use it as a server. For that part I will suggest trying out Gentoo Linux, it's not that simple, true, but it is really good documented, is you run into problems check the forums or www.gentoo-wiki.com those to places will help you out in 99% cases. :) I did start with Gentoo (5-6 years ago) and I am glad that I did, almost all other distros seemes so easy, because you well get really used to the terminal in gentoo. :)
  11. After a fast search on google with this terms: "telnet chat server GPL" gives me this: http://freshmeat.net/projects/stchat/ GL :) P.S STFW ;)
  12. We where talking about WPA keys, but it's correct everything we type or see on a computer is HEX, it's just a question on how we use it :)
  13. It looks great, but I was missing some things in the Windows XP security section about spyware and viruses. Why don't you tell people that the greatest security risk is always the user, not the viruses or spyware, 98% of all errors is an error 40. Sure it's great in a major firm to have antivirus and firewalls, but for home users it is just a slow down, and it's not even reliable because it all depends on the user. My parents aint the best computer users, but they know the ground rules, it's just like driving a car, do only trust your self, so basicly press No / Cancel to things you don't know what is or have aproved to be asked for.
  14. Have you tried to disable ACPI or APM on bootup?
  15. Hey, my name is Mads, also known as zephid. Favourite game: Warcraft 3 Favourite OS: Gentoo Linux Favourite console: N/A Nationality: Danish Accent: Danish Sex: Male Age:20 Height: 185cm Status: Pure single Build: "Light" :D Favourite TV Show: Two and a half men Favourite Comedian: Anders "Anden" Mattesen Other hobbies: Wanking? Not much so, wanking it most be :twisted: Occupation: Student / Web developer
  16. You make it sound like it is a bad thing? :p
  17. Looks kind of gay, like it is said before, why only 180? :S
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