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Hak5Live Deathmatch Special

Darren Kitchen

UT99 Wess vs. Darren  

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    • Wess
    • Darren

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darren.... my money is on you.... i don't like being disappointed.

actually there should be a third choice in this poll, there should be a choice for Ali... and maybe on for evil server....

hmmm.. the possibilities :-p

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My vote is for Darren.

Just because :P

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Is this going to be recorded for download? If not, is anyone going to vidcap it? I have to leave for work before it starts and will not be able to see it.

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My bet is that Darren will win, Wess will hit Darren, Darren will attempt to retaliate but miss (with or without the use of alcohol), and Darren will go to the hospital.  Thus Wess will ultimately win.

You start by saying Darren will win, then end saying Wess will win...

Darren wins the game, Wess wins by Darren geting some injury after wards, thus Wess getting the real satisfaction..that was my take on it, but yeah, Daren should "pwn" this because he is "so pro"...

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Ok, so who won? I saw the first few hits and Darren was up 2 to 0 when I left for work. Cool sports casting'ish play by play, btw. I was tempted to go in late just to see it, but I had to get to work as I am by myself tonight.

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First few minutes Wess kept up, but near the end of the game he kinda lost it. End result was that they entered the 4th and final map with a 15 frag difference in favor of Darren. In the last map Wess started having some unexpected hardware issues, making the already difficult task of making up the difference effectively impossible.

Final tally came out in favor of Darren by 20 frags.

BUT! Immediately following the game Wess challenged Darren to a rematch in Couter Strike. To be continued...

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I used to get that problem with the god dam ball mouse back in the day.

I would be playing and all of a sudden i would be looking at the floor in circles.

ul wes, i have been there myself when it comes to getting owned.

We all have bad games and good games, just pwn his ass in css to get your confidence back.

p.s dont get stressed either, just makes you lose your concentration which then makes you mad.

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