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  1. If you want, PM me the hashes and I'll try to crack them for you.
  2. You can make the payload in any language you want. If the language isn't interpreted by Windows by default, you can just compile it. For instance, I just finished a new version of my new payload written completely in Perl. Compiled it, and it works great.
  3. I don't see why you would want to disable taskmanager... If the user actually tries to use it, and it doesn't work, they will immedeately know something's wrong.
  4. I'm trying to make my own tool which can write to the CD-ROM partition of a U3 usb key. However, I'm having a bit of trouble at that, so I was wondering whether anyone here has some source code of a tool which can do that, or at least explain to me how it exactly works?
  5. I use notepad++ for almost everything and I love it =)
  6. Is this better than UPX or iexpress [all windows come with this--just type "iexpress" into run box]? Thanks very much. upx and iexpress will not work against good antiviruses, and good packer will, so those are imo better.
  7. Public packer won't help at all testingqwerty: PM me which files you want to be undetected and I'll pack them for you.
  8. get yourself a private packer/crypter, and your problems are solved ;)
  9. So you mean it'd log the keys to the flash drive as long it is inserted, then when it's removed it stops logging, and disappears from the pc? I guess that can be done, won't be too hard. Just learn a little programming, it can easily be done. That's better than asking here for someone to just give it to you, because most won't help you if it's for something that is almost definately for a malicious purpose.
  10. You can turn off things like drop background and all that stuff. It's only made for people with a slow connection, so they won't have to load the entire graphical desktop picture everytime the screen refreshes.
  11. Well you can still pack it to make it smaller, all I did was compile those few lines of code, and upload it. en ik ben inderdaad nederlands :P
  12. lol, i read the stuff in Topic Summary kinda wrong i guess, edited original post :)
  13. This is the compiled version of the code SomeoneE1se gave you: http://rapidshare.com/files/69203966/null.exe.html go ahead and scan it with whatever you want if you think i backdoored it or something, or else ask someone else to compile it.
  14. where did you get that background pic, i like it :D
  15. nah I didn't meant it to be sarcastic, it's just I've had someone getting completely pissed at me because I used a piece of PHP for something I was coding, which he posted publically. Just asking to be sure ;)
  16. Wow that's actually pretty, cool. Mind if I use it for a new design??
  17. Crypt the file with a private crypter, that would help And yeah recompiling with edited code sometimes works, but most modern avs see through that, unless you change entire functions..
  18. It's a sticky in this very same forum... http://forums.hak5.org/index.php/topic,3989.0.html
  19. The flash partition is the normal partition you store your files on.
  20. remkow

    U3 Boot menu

    If all you want is a menu which runs other tools, create a msdos bootdisk-like system. Google for it, I'm sure you'll find something
  21. remkow


    Nice idea, if I knew C# I'd help :p
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