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  1. Name is Gustavo Favourite game: Gran Turismo Favourite OS: Windows 98 SE Favourite console: Super Nintendo Nationality: Brazilian Accent: American but when i speak Portuguese accent is Brasilian Sex: Male Age: 18 Race: Black African Decedent Height: 5-5 Status: Single and looking Build: Somewhat athlethic Favourite band: Linkin Park Favourite book: Art of Deception Favourite author: n/a Favourite movie: The Matrix Favourite director: w/e Favourite TV Show: The Big Band Theory Favourite actor: Jason Statham Favourite actress: Jessica Alba Favourite Comedian: Chris Tucker Other hobbies: Reading, Hacking, Photography, Working out, etc Car: none but i would like to get the new Lexus IS-F, or the BMW M3 Occupation: Student, owner of a small company
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