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computer shop names


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hi im gonna open my own computer shop up to build custom p's and genral tech needs i am stressed out with the name i thinking hakgipc should be the name what do you guys think if you have any suggestion please share with us

cheers hakgipc

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i had to make up a name for my college course where were setting up a small business. I called it POYPC, play on your pc, little bit of photoshop playing it looked quite groovy :D so the look sold it to everyone :D.

Im not too sure if haveing the word 'hak' as part of your pc i think people will more likely be scared of you. :oops:

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Try and pick a name that's something to do with where it is.

As stupid as it may seem: where I was living till recently, in a place called Aire Vally, there was a guitar shop opened called "Aire Guitars". I thought it was a sucky name, but then they won an award for it.

Seriously though, I passed a computer shop yesterday called "MEGABYTE". So I'm sure you can do better than that :roll:

Or call it "Less Than Three"

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How about "Computer shop that will still be here this time next year", I see so many of these computer stores that are opened up, last 2 weeks then vanish. In all honesty, your local PC shop is probably dead, owning a store is a massive overhead with taxes etc.

I would suggest, given your age, that you start off by doing pc fixing house to house, people in your local area wouldn't mind the fact that your young, but the most important thing is actually being able to do the work.

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I don't think you should open one first becuase your like 12. Second you don 't have the money. 3rd you don't have a place for business. 4th your annoying as hell. 5th your a noob.
Haha, well said.

ok im 19, two my father happends to have plenty of money owning blocks and housing everywhere and he said he will buy a few stores for me, 3rdly as i said location can be bout as money is not a problem 4 me, 4th u dont know me, 5th ill own u anyday lawl :D

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