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New Wifi Pineapple (Mark V)?


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Wondering if the second antenna is just for extra reception, or for a second radio. 2 radios in one case, without the need for an external Alfa? That would be sweet. I did notice that the hakshop recently stopped selling NHA's... very interesting.

And the video seems to show custom packaging... does that infer a custom board this time?

not sure but would be neat if it contained an internal battery. Lol Wishfull thinking

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To keep with the speculations, I'll bet there are 2 radios in it. Besides more RAM and maybe a faster processor, this is the only reason I can think of to upgrade the hardware. (Unless I'm missing something. I haven't played with my pineapple in a while. Will definitely get back into it with a new one!)

In keeping with the dual radio guess, the pineapple graphic has changed. If you look at the box in the video and the graphic on the invite, there are 2 "WiFi" symbols around the pineapple instead of just 1 like it is on the hakshop.

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It looks like something mikrotik would sell, scoured the Alfa networks site but can't see anything that looks remotely like it, unless they are using a soc board with a custom case.

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if you look at the right hand side of it in the video you can see that there is a removable tab... I'd say its for a GPIO...

I'm thinking a slot for an SD card. Also - dip switches and what would appear to be pins of some sort on the back?

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