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  1. This is a lot more light-weight than recuva :D .
  2. Darren, can I ask that your re-test the AWUS036NEH , I have had success with another dongle with the same chipset.
  3. This infusion is simply a graphical interface for the arping command. Select your options and hit "ARPing" https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UPlZH2vjEb8 Incase the video is not showing up correctly: click me
  4. If you just want to do this for the user you are logged in as, place a shortcut in %userprofile%\AppData\Roaming\Microsoft\Windows\Start Menu\Programs\Startup
  5. This thread is for all general quesions and help/support related to the Network Tools infusion wiki
  6. Foxtrot Is working on this.
  7. All infusions are (essentially) wrappers around relatively basic Linux commands. 'Infusions' are limited in terms of functionality due to the API that they must conform to. No. A lot of them are but they do not have to be. Think of an infusions as a webapp. Kinda, You can use a mix of php, shell scripts, python, perl, ruby and maby even a few others although all infusions have to be approved before they are released such that you can't create say "The porn infusion" or "Step by step clicky guide to own old apache installs".
  8. The hilight of the the 1.3 Release is the new locate feature. This featue makes use of the ipinfodb.com api. Your pineapple will require an active internet connectiont to use this feature. Screenshots: Any questions, requests or feedback?
  9. I am in the process of porting this infusion over, I have most of the shell scripts working atm, the old php mostly works, buttons have to be redone. I said I was going to do it awhile ago but I kinda let it alone for a while. I just started back up yesturday, Not going to give a deffinte release date but I will start posting the source on github, I am planning to have it done in about a week assuming nothing has to be modified for the mark v. If you want similar functionality now, set you spoofhost to " *" and make a symlink from /usb/placewithtrollingpage to /www/whatever then set the defaul page to redirect to /www/whatever
  10. just going to leave this here... https://wifipineapple.com/?changelog
  11. How is this better than using the webgui?
  12. I remeber Darren saying something about Cisco access points being able to detect their probes being faked and deauth the clients from the pineapple, never got arround to looking into it. Probably has to do with the Aironet series only and not the soho routers, also it would only help in some sitiatuions.
  13. Porting is in progress. For now just enable dns spoof and create a sym link
  14. if (isset($_GET['login'])) { Change that to $_POST or $_REQUEST
  15. Did you cut the correct red wire?
  16. All you had to do was go to the pineapple section and then type "Downgrade" into the search box https://forums.hak5.org/index.php?/topic/30025-downgrade-30-to-281/?hl=downgrade
  17. ERMAGHERD https://forums.hak5.org/index.php?/topic/29964-pineapple-enable-internet-for-un-phished-pages/ https://github.com/WiFiPineapple/web-interface/wiki/mk34quickstartguide iptables -A FORWARD -i wlan0 -o eth0 -s -m state –state NEW -j ACCEPT iptables -A FORWARD -m state –state ESTABLISHED,RELATED -j ACCEPT iptables -A POSTROUTING -t nat -j MASQUERADE
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