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  1. Amylase, mark newbi3's post as the answer, thanks!
  2. Its looking for /usb most likely, when the mk5 now mounts the SD card to /sd. You have two options, either wait for the developer to fix it, or try and patch it yourself.
  3. Haha, whistle master you will be worth your weight in gold if you get sslstrip working for everyone!
  4. Cheers Seb, worked a treat. Just a heads up, the power adaptor I got with my pineapple is borked! Not sure if its a faulty batch or something! All up and running now though!
  5. If I try it and it goes wrong is it possible to unbrick at a later stage? I have serial-USB adaptor. Sorry for all the questions!
  6. Does anyone know if its safe to use my MK4 power adaptor with the MK5 for the first boot flash, its rated 12v@1.0A. Many thanks in advance!
  7. Been playing with OpenWRT all day and built a few images for the Alfa - kismet_server is running at startup and it automatically mounts the swap and storage partitions from a usb formatted as per the Pineapple guide. Running on and handing out addresses on the LAN port, all the kismet logs are dumped to /usb and kismet_clients can connect to the server @ Though it might be useful to do a 'sweep' of a target area before deploying a pineapple, gather some mac addresses and assign then black/white as required before launch a karma attack. use the sysupgrade.bin image to go from the pineapple software, scp it to //tmp and issue the: sysupgrade -n -v <image-here> keep your usb plugged in and it should automount it! Tested on my Alfa AP121U and works fine, use at your own risk though! Download Here telnet in first, and set your password!
  8. It must have screws somewhere, maybe under rubber feet if it have any?
  9. I have some pre-configured openwrt images for the TP-Link WR841N/ND kismet_drone is installed and configured to listen on all interfaces firewall is disabled, plug into wan to get a dhcp address from somewhere else or lan to get dhcp address from the router ( kismet_drone autostarts and has a init.d script telnet into the router first, then set the password and then ssh is enabled. for each image, check version (v7, v8, etc) and use sysupgrade image if flashing over already installed openwrt or factory is doing a install from factory software. Use at your own risk, I have tested on a WR841ND v7 and works perfectly. Don't forget to configure your kismet server to use connect to the drone! Also have some hostapd-karma working images if anyone is interested. Download here still uploading some of the images so give it some time
  10. Someone correct me if I'm wrong but I believe any of the openwrt supported ones are fine, see this list: http://lxr.free-electrons.com/source/drivers/usb/serial/option.c?v=3.3#L557
  11. I'm sure someone said its something to do with the way karma responds, so guess it would be on a software level. I would guess it would be more financially viable to patch the mk4 software and release a upgrade. The pineapple MK4 is still a good piece of kit, and I hope development either by the team or the community continues, not trading mine in!
  12. Karma will only intercept under certain conditions - providing the device has a saved 'unsecured' wireless network in its preferred list. In your case the device is more likely to connect to the 2Wire network and not karma because 2Wire will provide a secured wireless connection - preferred over a unsecured. Delete the entry for the 2Wire network from you testing device and ensure it has some unsecured wireless networks saved in its preferred list.
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