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  1. RIP the Legend of Snake

  2. RIP Snake; 42

  3. Snake is gone?

  4. $5 wrench technique always a winner: https://xkcd.com/538/
  5. and he becomes a master / ducky-jedi
  6. Depends on how the database/system is implemented? Part 1: Getting access to the database. SQL injection through web applications is usually the most common ways, as web applications are so common these days. What people sometimes forgot is that binary/native/thick applications can also communicate with databases, and sometimes a network port is available. But usually if the application is in the public domain a web gateway is used to proxy the database traffic; as opposed to internal (eg. corporate) domains will have the databases accessible across an internal network. With logical acces
  7. Do you have a USB keyboard? and can you use a USB sniffer to captcha the key combination of \ looks like the encoder needs to be updated.
  8. Just look at the ducky decode website, any newer encoders are now on google drive. Another way is to post the inject.bin file; i can easily reverse it; or hopefully others can, I'm pretty sporadic on here these days
  9. Can you try the offline encoders? I want to figure out what version this bug might have crept in. Thanks ~
  10. You have 2 options: 1) Use 2x HackRFs (1x receiver, 1x transmitter) - due to the 1/2 duplex nature 2) Use a bladeRF - as its full-duplex
  11. Source code is available, just make the necessary changes and recompile.
  12. This is currently only possible in the hard-coded firmware. Currently not possible in DuckyScript. Hardcode.zip
  13. Easy enough to implement, I just don't have the time these days. The source is available, a suggestion would be to do it your-self.
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