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  1. RIP the Legend of Snake

  2. RIP Snake; 42

  3. Snake is gone?

  4. check, it should be in this zip file: Duck Programming.zip
  5. have you put the ducky in DFU mode, my constantly pushing the little black button while inserting it into the computer?
  6. no42

    [Firmware] Introducing "Twin Duck"

    Just reminding folks on some of the different flavours of the firmware that are already available.
  7. Yes your doing the right thing. There used to be a website called www.usbrubberducky.com (full of ducky resources) - it got owned, now the URL redirects to these forums.
  8. Should not really matter, are you having problems? Duck Programming vanished with usbrubberducky.com, people were asking so I made the original available.
  9. Depends on the payload: HID - Yes USB(FAT Duck) No! Multi/Detour Duck - Yes Composite/Twin Duck - Yes. Multi-Composite PoC - Yes
  10. no42

    [Firmware] Introducing "Twin Duck"

    Speed is limited to the open source spi protocol, the connection interface to the sdcard. Sd has its own proprietary interface/protocol which is faster but costs $$$. This would affect licensing and cost of ducky. Trying to keep software as freeware & open source as much as possible. I'm afraid you'll have to live with slow speed. Corruption - never had problem, 1st sdcard was faulty , replacement still working fine. Sdcard loading times, your right smaller the quicker. I get by with cheap 256/512mb.
  11. no42

    [Payload] Android Brute Force 4-digit pin

    Q1: No see above. Q2: The chip is a micro-controller, not an actual full-blown OS, its pre-programmed with a set of instructions triggered/executed by a series of interrupts.
  12. Did a clean install today on Windows7, XP should work in a similar manner. Installed Flip. Inserted Ducky (in dfu-mode, continually hold the ducky's button as you insert the ducky, if its not in dfu-mode - you were not pushing the button, and you can not flash the ducky) Performed Manual Driver install (see pics) Worked perfectly - I didnt have to modify/copy any additional binaries or environment variables If this doesnt work, you might have a dead-duck. My advise would be to contact the hak5 shop (shop@hak5.org) for an exchange.
  13. The overlap warning is to do with the boot loader - but that area of memory is protected and cant be overwritten. I was worried the first time I flashed my Ducky, I have since flashed the Ducky approx 80x with no adverse affects. From checking my system, I did the following steps: Install Flip Install Atmel Driver put firmware.hex in same directory as program.bat Atmel Driver ---------- I inserted the ducky in dfu mode (holding the Ducky's button down) When Windows couldnt find the driver, I did a maunal install (sometimes a wizard will pop up, sometimes it wont) Control-Panel ->Hardware & Sound -> Add a device -> select atmel-dfu -> manually search for driver -> point to unzipped atmel-driver folder -> ok ->done If windows has installed a gernic driver, you have to go through device manger -> update driver, and then manuall select the relevant inf file from the atmel-driver folder.
  14. no42

    [Payload] Android Brute Force 4-digit pin

    To adapt Darren's simple script to generate android.txt on OSX, you need Mac Ports installed and you need to install gsed (gnu-sed), as gnu-sed is slightly different to OSX's default bsd-sed. port install gsed[/CODE] then: [CODE]echo DELAY 5000 > android_brute-force_0000-9999.txt; echo {0000..9999} | xargs -n 1 echo STRING | gsed '0~5 s/$/\nWAIT/g' | gsed '0~1 s/$/\nDELAY 1000\nENTER\nENTER/g' | gsed 's/WAIT/DELAY 5000\nENTER\nDELAY 5000\nENTER\nDELAY 5000\nENTER\nDELAY 5000\nENTER/g' >> android_brute-force_0000-9999.txt[/CODE] Not sure whats going wrong with cygwin?