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  1. RIP the Legend of Snake

  2. RIP Snake; 42

  3. Snake is gone?

  4. check, it should be in this zip file: Duck Programming.zip
  5. thanks!! I'll add this to the svn, and it'll get incorporated into the jar file in later builds. Ducky Dev points ++
  6. You need to install the Java JRE and add the installed application directory into your path
  7. have you put the ducky in DFU mode, my constantly pushing the little black button while inserting it into the computer?
  8. OK, what if you add java to your environment variable PATH, then try to run it from the sdcard?
  9. ? file/folder permissions? try java -jar encoder.jar -i PSdownload.txt -o c:\temp\inject.bin
  10. Yes we are currently having problems with the GUI key, sometimes you have to code a twice GUI GUI Really need to expand the ranks and get to the bottom of why its not working? but GUI R should work fine.
  11. You could help with this: https://code.google.com/p/ducky-decode/source/browse/trunk/Encoder/v2/resources/ch.properties
  12. [Firmware] Introducing "Twin Duck"

    Just reminding folks on some of the different flavours of the firmware that are already available.
  13. in it.properties what key combination do you have for ASCII_7B =?
  14. are you using the zip or svn?
  15. Thanks - committed to SVN.