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  1. RIP the Legend of Snake

  2. RIP Snake; 42

  3. Snake is gone?

  4. check, it should be in this zip file: Duck Programming.zip
  5. thanks!! I'll add this to the svn, and it'll get incorporated into the jar file in later builds. Ducky Dev points ++
  6. have you put the ducky in DFU mode, my constantly pushing the little black button while inserting it into the computer?
  7. Yes we are currently having problems with the GUI key, sometimes you have to code a twice GUI GUI Really need to expand the ranks and get to the bottom of why its not working? but GUI R should work fine.
  8. You could help with this: https://code.google.com/p/ducky-decode/source/browse/trunk/Encoder/v2/resources/ch.properties
  9. no42

    [Firmware] Introducing "Twin Duck"

    Just reminding folks on some of the different flavours of the firmware that are already available.
  10. in it.properties what key combination do you have for ASCII_7B =?
  11. are you using the zip or svn?
  12. Thanks - committed to SVN.
  13. Yes, unless AV is in the way.... Think of all those browser exploits - actually returning shells at a user level. Same thing can happen as a standalone executable.
  14. Yes, most scripts abuse an admin who has left his machine unlocked? But then majority of home users' leave their default account as admin to. There are a few scripts/pranks to play to standard users, though their not very popular, think more research is needed with what can be achieve from standard user accounts
  15. control and alt are key modifiers that normally appear in the first 2 bytes, if they do not appear try a combo like ctrl-a But they should not really deviate from the standard, I have never seen the control/alt/shift keys remapped unlike other standard ascii/ansi keys.