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  1. After reading that he was plugging into a rpi I thought that might be the problem too, but wasn't sure. Wanted to hear somebody else suggest it.
  2. That doesn't sound right, I plugged mine into an ethernet cable, and then into a computer and it worked fine. Do you mean you plugged it into an ethernet cable and expected it to boot up without a power source? Fast Ethernet does not transmit enough power to power a device unless it is specifically POE. The turtle gets it's power from the USB side. If you do want to power it without connecting to a computer, hook it up to a usb battery pack. Perhaps you are experiencing some kind of MAC address filtering? IDK it could be a couple of things. Could you elaborate?
  3. It isn't that necessary, it's still functional. It's more of an aesthetics thing really. I am sure If I do some googleing I could find something, but if anybody knows anybody good that would be cool too.
  4. Hey, I have had to remove my sticker on my turtle to reset it, I was just wondering if there is a service where I could get manufactured stickers for the lan turtle, like by the roll or something. I am not interested in recording "accurate" info about the MAC, just something generic.
  5. Ok, I can connect now. Password was probably too complex, but it was really wierd that it didn't work at all because typing twice is supposed to alert you if you didn't type it correctly. That's why people do it. It is to make sure you typed as intended. Whoever thought of giving networking devices web pages for setup was pretty smart. It's cool that you can upload via a web control. How much other web stuff can we do with the turtle? Would it be possible to host a webpage during normal configuration procedures?
  6. I was able to set a password after your first post, so the password is set, it's just whenever I type that password in it tells me it is incorrect. So what probably just happened is that the password is set, and I accidentally mistyped something, or there's a bug in the password input program. So essentially now I am ssh-ing into it and I can't get past the login screen. So what I am wondering is if the login setup prompt is programmed correctly. IDK, It is a pretty wierd coincidence that I keep typing my password in and keep getting it wrong, considering I would have had to type it in incorrectly ***twice*** on the turtle setup screen in order to get this problem.
  7. I actually was able to connect to the login screen though. IDK. I will try a few things, perhaps even disconnect from my local net in order to get the reset procedure working. If all else fails, and I still don't have the thing working I will consider an RMA, but not before I exaust a few other alternatives. Your password set program does check input passwords to make sure they are the same right, for example if I typeed password, and pas$word while setting up the turtle?
  8. Yep, that fixed it. How necessary do you think it would be to reset the device to factory defaults? It did just come through the mail. I just hadn't plugged it in since I got it. ... It seems that my password is no longer working. Probably a typo or something, but I guess I will have to reset anyway... Lan turtle is a good idea, it just seems like it's a little difficult to set up correctly...
  9. Ok, so I am trying to get this turtle to work on my computer, unfortunately I am working in a windows environment. This is the first time I plugged the turtle in, and I would like to reflash it. Unfortunately it appears that windows doesn't like the drivers associated with the turtle. The turtle is listed in device manager under "other devices", "USB 10/100" LAN correct? If so then I am actually getting a yellow exclamation mark next to the device. The drivers for this device are not installed. (Code 28) There is no driver selected for the device information set or element. To find a driver for this device, click Update Driver. One goes to update driver, and it doesn't accept a .bin file. Should I use the ducky flashing procedure to flash this? To complicate matters my router seems to use the default ip address that the lan turtle uses. I am a bit tired tonight. I will try to fix this mess tomorow. I just rebuilt my comptuer also, so I will probably have to get all that ducky firmware flashing software working correctly again. Some of this stuff has kinda taken back seat to other things that need doing.
  10. I'm thinking that depending on SD card size, that could take a lot of energy/time (most storage is slow). What could make it require a little less time perhaps would be perhaps, partitioning the sd card, so a bootloader/os is on one partition, and most of the other stuff/data is on another parition, and is crypted. This way you only need to overwrite a small part of the sd in order to obliterate the keys. I don't have a LAN turtle, so I have no idea if something like this is even possible, just adding a suggestion to the pot. Would you requre more crypto chips? Somebody look into that. One should test out normal operation with the crypto however, I wouldn't want to make a bad suggestion, and end up making them too slow to operate effectively. Would really like to get a lan turtle to try out, probably a few pay days down the road.
  11. World domination is on my mind. JK.

  12. OOh, this is a cool textbox!

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