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  1. You can also download putty, open device manager and see what COM port was added by the bunny (in ARMING mode). then tell putty to use serial over that COM port at speeds of 115200
  2. Beautiful. I have a simple question though, is it possible to make the video loop? My idea would be to plug the payload into a system whenever users leave their workstations unlocked. But i need it to loop and do so in a fashion that does not require the bunny to stay plugged in. Starting to wish i knew more about powershell.. UPDATE: Nevermind, figured it out after looking at powershell more. Now whenever i see a workstation unlocked i can simply plug this in, it will run the app in a loop until Q or ESC is pressed and give a friendly message at the bottom to lock their workstation. After that it issues the windows + L to lock the system. Again thanks for the funny script :)
  3. Thanks, so in theory if i also had a cheap RTL-SDR reciver it would be possible?
  4. I'm just curious if it's at all possible to make a GSM repeater with a hackrf one board.
  5. wlan0 by default is broadcasting an AP (Pineapple..####) wlan1 by default is off unless you are in client mode and connected to another wireless access point. once in client mode the wlan1 LED should be lit.
  6. Much better, thanks for the quick response :)
  7. Same issue :( Guess no infusions for me today..
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