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  1. It works!! I was using encoder 2.6.3. Thank you so much for your answers!! Regards.
  2. No...I attach you how it is interpreted. Please, anyone with the same problem?any solution?. Thanks you all!! Regards.
  3. Hi guys, This is my first post so first of all i´d like to say hello to all the community! I have just bought a USB Rubber ducky i´m making some test with simple scripts. I´m using es.properties for my spanish keyboard. The problem i have is that there is no way to use backslash (\). I have been analyzing the es.properties file in order to try to find a solution, but i haven´t achieved it. I share with you my problem: - The first thing i have checked is if the character ASCII_5C (\) is in the es.properties file. The answer is yes: ASCII_5C = KEY_TILDE The problem is that this line is not w
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