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New Wifi Pineapple (Mark V)?


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After a lot of googling around for Orient Power Home Network I found that they are a branch of Orient Power Holdings LTD. This company is based in China and they develop Home Entertainment equipment, Car Electronics, and Networking Equipment. Now, finding that they don't really have a website I'd say its safe to assume that they are a smaller company that develops hardware for other smaller companies and organizations. Put everything together and I would say we are looking at a custom board :D


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Another thing that points to custom hardware is the different color of the USB ports in the pictures. This tells me that there have been different revisions of the hardware. If they were buying something off the shelf we probably would not see that

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A little vogel crossed my path a few weeks ago, and I was able to get a wink-wink-nod-nod that the markV might just have a powerful arm proc capable of running full blown linux. Oh rumors...


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I've really never thought I needed the pineapple to do a LOT of attack. Setup the routing/vector management then offload the processing to another more powerful system far away~~~~! That way when the pineapple is compromised it wont such an issue. Hence the request for lower cost.

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If I could design a new pineapple, it would be like the pwnplug stuff.


  • OSS-based pentesting toolkit includes Metasploit, SET, Kismet, Aircrack-NG, SSLstrip, nmap, Hydra, w3af, Scapy, Ettercap, Bluetooth/VoIP/IPv6 tools, & many more
  • One-click Evil AP & Passive Recon services
  • Onboard dual Gigabit Ethernet for NAC bypass and network monitoring

Lets face it, besides price, this device has the pineapple beat 100 times over.

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Don't forget we live in a camera state! A CCTV image of you buying said phone will be stored on a secret server for upto 3 months+, if you do buy a 'burner phone' - wait 4-6 months before you use it :ph34r:

pay someone to purchase it for you.

Seriously though, will hak5 accept bitcoins this go round?

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im guessing they were talking via the cell phone, not the pineapple.

Prob, but I couldn't help but think there could be some sort of communication between two pineapples.

I'm sure this would be ideal but would be cool if there were two people at a coffee shop doing some wifi sniffing and could share information between both pineapples on the pineapple local network.

Or a chat so the two attackers could plot out their evil plans...

Like 4 people walking into a Barns and Nobelz and setting up in corners of the building, then each deploy their own pineapple setup and mesh networks. Idk if that would have any real benefits.

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For me It will join the other pineapples of the past. in the drawer.

you can say that again

Interesting - a kali based pineapple? :D

This would be awesome for so many reasons, but primarly this would allow the device to manage the rouge AP and internet access that is being shared automatically. No (user facing) scripts. simply click to enable jasager/karma

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