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LOL!!! Southpark does WoW


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just found your post about WoW after i posted mine in news section

my comments were -

A few days ago i learnt of the episode southpark brought out about playing WoW

It was so funny, because

A) i hate the game with a passion


B) there depiction of a 14-15 year olds weekend with friends was SPOT ON!

If you trawl youtube and google vid you will find the episodes

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Sweet, so just because i want to use linux i cant watch it from that site.

Actually, there's a download link to a .WMV below the flash thing. Right-click and Shave your ass.

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/me new that :roll:

thanx :D but thats annoying, its the secound movie now that i have had to download today in order to watch it because of that stupid flash player.

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"This player has played World Of Warcraft for every hour of everyday for the last 1 and a half years, people we are dealing with someone who has no life."

"How can we kill he who has no life"

oh and this is the one that made me laugh my ass off

"Hes so strong he can kill our admins"

(well if ur a geek like me ull get why thats so funny)

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I've never played WoW before in my life. But after watching that episode three or so times in a row because I thought it was so funny, I bought WoW off newegg and it should be here on wednesday. It made me want to play WoW... Am I pathetic?

No you did the right thing.

Armadaender, you needed to join the online craze before we all murdered you.

I personally have never played it and have no intention of doing so. I'm just to afraid. I KNOW I'll get addicted

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Let me put it to you this way.......

I have never been sucked into an MMO, played them all EQ, Planetside, yadda yadda. Hell I even played Star Wars Galaxies and walked away. I am George Lucas' bitch and I walked away clean.

Now, I'm in a guild, have gone on raids, I am leveling my character instead of running around like a tool. I do tradeskills, I purchased headsets for my wife and to talk on Ventrillo to our guild while we play. I'm in this one, but good. So be carefull.

Seriously though, it is a ton of fun, I can get on and play for an hour or so and still manage to make progress, just keep things in perspective and be able to walk away.

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