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  1. Came back from the Amon Amarth show. Holy shit did those vikings kick some ass. Himsa were great as well. Despite being shoved, pushed, kicked, and pulled into a mosh pit, this Amon Amarth show was definitely the best gig ever attended.
  2. No fans of Eläkeläiset here? They're popular with OpenBSD developers. :o
  3. Usually no music on. It's too much distraction.
  4. I'm doing personal budgeting for myself and I'm curious what other people's living expenses are per month. I'd like to know what you spend on and how much you're paying per month, like utility bills, gas, rent/mortgage, insurance, car payment, credit cards, and so on.
  5. http://www.disaffect.com/arch/macmailbox.jpg[/img]
  6. Memory lane! Too bad the theme to The Bionic Six wasn't included. :-o
  7. Bush and Cheney impeachment. That is all.
  8. intel Q660 2 GB RAM nVidia 8600 500GB, 320 GB, 120 GB hd Samsung LCD 1440x900, NEC 1024x768 DVD burner Guitar Hero III Gibson Xplorer geetar!
  9. No your not. These social networking sites really never work. If you want to socialize with your friends on the web, chat with them. Why spend time on a profile approving and commenting. The only social networking site thats remotly worth something is Facebook, I personally do not use it but friends of mines who goto college love it due to the classmates type thing with it. I take it take that this guy: isn't one of your friends.
  10. I'm doing quite well, thank you!
  12. Use it as a night light or a door stopper.
  13. Really?! So that explains its suckiness.
  14. Silly Linux and Windows fanboys. APPLE ][ FOREVER. :-P
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